1. D

    Breaker plug

    Are breaker plugs available please anobody? If so where is is best and what would i ask for please ? Destination
  2. D

    Plumbing advice plug waste

    Hi Looking to change my plugs for this year to pop ups in the bathroom . No problem and will bring out and fit myself . Does anybody know the bore size of the waste pipe which connects direct to the bathroom plug . I think uk size is 40 mm but I now Turkish is smaller ,any ideas please TIA
  3. S

    English plug adapter

    Hello Does anyone out there has an English to Turkish plug adapter lying around? I bought a hair trimmer kit from England for my dad. However whilst he was visiting me in the UK he forgot to take the adapter with him. I can of course send him the one he left behind to him but past...
  4. Jaycey

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port?

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port? > > > > > > > >
  5. yalimart

    Bargain euro plug adaptors

    CPC voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals - Money Saving Expert This may be of use to some, I just ordered 5 of them for £1.68 delivered, seen the at Manchester airport fo a fiver each These are 34p each Martin
  6. P

    Shockwave plug in.

    I am continually getting a message that Shockwave plug in has crashed or stopped working.What causes this?
  7. chelsea boy

    additional plug in problem

    I am using chrome and I now get an annoying drop down requiring me to download a plug even keeps going when I click the install button.... it's blooming annoying and occurs on every blooming site!!!!!!!!!! any suggestions that aren't biologically harmful appreciated!
  8. pineapple1

    Who Pulled The Plug Out ?????

    Omg thought i'd have a fainting attack ... So who pulled the plug out and cut us all off tlf ??? Who didn't put the pound in the meter ??? Who put us in risk of going demented ??? .........Yes i know it must have crashed But what a terrible void !! log in and NO tlf !!! pheeww I was li ke a...
  9. butt007

    Wiring Electric Plug

    This is for those people that have no idea how to fit a plug onto an electric wire, First let me say this is for things like a Table lamp, or lamp standard, computer, telephone, phone charger, in other words all things that are of a low Wattage. the plugs for appliances of this nature do not...
  10. T

    USB memory plug in

    Does anyone remember Pete the Postie ,Thurstan or somebody pointing out a website offering a free USB memory chip plug in from the States. I applied for it but it never arrived so has anyone got theirs??
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