1. A89

    electrical advice pls

    I know this isnt anything to do with Turkey but would someone please give me advice on this? This is an outside light that hasnt worked for years and I'd like to take it down. Some of the wires visible there are to another motion activated light, the one I want to remove has been hanging off the...
  2. A89

    free anti virus recommendation pls

    Can you chaps please recommend a good and simple free anti virus please? Ive been using AVG for years but im so sick of every couple of days it telling me my computer is not fully protected that I'm going to change. :frusty: I think I tried Avast before but unsure why I didnt stick with it...
  3. G

    6 months overstay pls help

    selam. i arrived end november 2012 and i need to know what kind of penalty i have to pay when i go out of the country. actually i worked for a company that promised me to make my "ikamet" but now i just realized and i am quite upset that i did not get the payment, neither they helped me to...
  4. L

    Any1 best account to have for savings pls?

    Looking for an account which gives the best interest rate of my savings should i sell my home and move to Turkey. Many thanks L
  5. L

    R there any Creative Writing groups in and around Didim pls?

    Any info appreciated
  6. T

    Mobile Phone Message - Help Pls

    I wanted to top-up my Turkish moby today. The phone has been 'inactive' for approx 162 days, I had the Kontor card ready but when I switched my phone on, it said 'simcard registration failed'? The last message I received from Turkcell was in Oct it said "Ingilere'ye hosgeldiniz. Turk...
  7. S

    Advice pls - Mobile B'band, Skype & calling UK mobiles!

    Hi there I am planning a 2 month trip to Turkey (Dalyan) and will need to work from our place of residence which does not have wifi! Can anyone advise me on the best way to use a mobile broadband dongle (I have a UK dongle) & credit in Turkey and how long this might last for use on the...
  8. L

    help with passport pls

    my wife 2 children and myself are due to fly to izmir in 2 weeks time, i booked going out with thomsonfly and coming back with b.a on the 22nd august. my daughters passport ( she is 10 ) runs out in september. i noticed on the booking form from thomsonfly that there should be at least 6 months...
  9. R

    Kos Information pls

    Hi does anyone know of a supermarket in easy reach from the ferry port in Kos also has anyone done the Kos visa run over the last few days who can tell me where i get the ferry from now ?? sorry meant to say where do i get the ferry from in Bodrum now as i know this has changed since christmas...
  10. pineapple1

    HELP with alanya transfer pls

    Can Anyone recomend a good transfer company from Antalya airport to Alanya please . My usual one can.t make it and i arrive on fri ! Now i'm in a panic ... Diane
  11. P

    Translation pls

    Senin iskan bir hafta sonra alinacak. Gorustum bir hafta sonra islemler bitiyor. Kendine iyi bak. I have no Turkish keyboard.
  12. Aegean Emerald

    Information on UK transit visa pls

    Hi there, myself and my fiance are going to Ireland in April for a wedding. I will be heading over in Feb, 6 weeks ahead of him and having a bit of a holiday for myself ( :clap: ), then he will join me in April. So he will be travellng alone. none of the airlines who fly direct to Dublin have...
  13. C

    message help pls

    when l try to send a message it says Your Private Message contains one or more URLs, please remove them before submitting your message again. what do l need to do pls thank you very much
  14. Ms Who

    Ovacik Hotels Recommendation pls

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a nice hotel in Ovacik?
  15. D

    LEWIS SMALL - Pls contact me asap.

    I have found your driving licence in road outside Gempa in Calis. If anyone one knows Lewis please let him know.
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