1. S

    Hello everyone - pleased to be part of the forum

    Hi ...... my name is Stephen . My wife and i bought an apartment in Altinkum last year . Thought i would join the forum as believe it is an excellent way to find out and dicusss things about life there and sharing information is and should be ─▒mportant to everyone that has bought property there .
  2. saffie

    Pleased to be here

    Hi, I'm Saffie and I live in Marmaris. Lived in turkey for 10 years and travelled about a bit before settling in Marmaris in 2001. I love it and look forward to spending many more years here.
  3. N

    Pleased to be back

    :juggle: I had considerable problems logging back to this forum perhaps because I took my laptop to Uk and few things had to be changed. Anyway I am pleased to be back in Turgutreis and back on the forum which I read everyday and learn a lot.
  4. kleinian

    Hello, pleased to have joinied

    Hello my name is Donna and i have been reading some of the posts on the forum and it prompted me to join. I have not joined a forum before, a little nervous of the concept i guess. But i found this one and it sounds like such a friendly fplace. I have been having a love affair with Turkey for...
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