1. juco

    Playing the accordion, I wish

    My wife used to play the accordion when she was much younger, Me being completely tone deaf but not wanting to be beaten asked her to teach me a couple of tunes. A year later and much practice I reached the dizzy heights of managing about 6 bars of a tune whilst managing to pull/push play the...
  2. Devil's_Advocate

    BREXIT: What is Scotland playing at?

    Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, appears to be trying everything to block the will of the people. Amongst others, she has firstly threatened a new independence referendum. However, following the result of the Scottish referendum on 19 September 2014 she said: "I accept that verdict of...
  3. maggie

    Random playing !!!

    He who must be listenned to has a problem with his cd player its started to play tracks randomly !!!!Any ideas how to get them to play in order please??????thanks hugs maggie xxx
  4. K

    Ulster playing European rugby anyone want to watch in Irish pub

    Irish bar in turgutreis showing ulster semi final at 19.00 tomorrow.Anyone interested in Watching the game.first time in turg for 2 years.
  5. A

    US playing Internet monopoly

    The US is seeking to control the Internet, which is an instrumental of its foreign policy. Writer and political scientist Igor Panarin believes Syria and Russia have been picked as a testing ground for America’s media intervention doctrine. In the article below, professor Igor Panarin explains...
  6. A89

    echo when playing dvd's again!

    A while ago I posted because I had a bad echo when trying to watch dvd's, after trying all the things everyone here were kind enough to suggest and nothing helping I was told I'd need the laptop reformatting so had it completely wiped and windows reinstalled. Now its started to do the same...
  7. D

    playing soldiers

    A little boy is marching up and down with a broom stick on his shoulder. “whatcher doing?” asks his grandpa “ I’m a soldier” say the lad marching up and down the yard. Grandpa says to the lad “ ah that takes me back a bit to when I was a soldier. In fact I still have my old tin helmet in the...
  8. juco

    Cat & dolphin playing

    YouTube - ‪Cat and Dolphins playing together‬‏
  9. v6cod

    I've been playing with my

    photos :wacko: Click on the image to enlarge them.
  10. KKOB

    Young Men Playing With Their Balls

    YouTube - Ping pong ball tricks
  11. B

    playing safe

    please anyone looking for a honest straight company its aegean-homes and suenos overseas.there both good honest companies,i made a mistake by leaving them for a trade up with the one listed below. do not touch fathi caglan of altinkumatlashomes,you have been warned
  12. peter the postie

    Fined for playing bingo!

    Lmao! unlucky for some.... 13
  13. P

    Hello, just playing

    Just joined this forum and am feeling my way. I live in Ballyclare, N.Ireland.....just north of Belfast. Am having a house built in Mavisehir....should be ready my March 07. Can't wait to spend more time in the area.......... Richard Walker
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