1. juco

    Any experienced piano players.

    Looking for some advice for beginner.
  2. S

    VPN for using i players

    What’s the best paid VPN for watching BBC ITV etc and crucially their iplayer catch up services as my current pay VPN no longer allows this Cheers
  3. mollag

    St Stephens Day players needed.

    Fancy a go at the Cammag? The Wren has been hunted so it's down to the Fairfield, bring your own stick. Cammag (Manx pronunciation: [kʰamaɡ][1]) is a team sport originating on the Isle of Man. It is closely related to the Scottish game of shinty and is similar to the Irish game of hurling. Once...
  4. D

    Bridge Players wanted

    We are a group of 8-12, all abilities, based in Dalyan . We are looking for more people to play regular duplicate/teams sessions through the winter. If you are interested please contact me for more info.
  5. L

    Tennis players wanted !

    Hello, I am new to the Turkish forum. I have a house in Olivium Villas Dalaman. My partner is keen to play tennis . We have looked at the Goeck tennis club but this is very expensive at £20 per hour for non members. Two questions :- 1. Is there anyone who may be interested in playing tennis...
  6. D

    Any Bridge players out there ?

    I have asked this question before on here about a few years ago :-) but are there any Bridge players out there locally in the Fethiye area interested in partnering me at Fethiye Bridge Club ? Or are there a couple of Bridge players out there interested in playing Bridge against my wife and I...
  7. G

    Rugby Players going blue?

    Just finished watching the first 6 Nations rugby match between Wales and England. As the match progressed both teams players started turning increasingly blue! Team strips and flesh got bluer and bluer, any explanations please?
  8. B

    Pool Players wanted

    Are you intrested in playing Pool? We meet 1pm every Tuesdays and Fridays at the Orient Bar on the marina at Kusadasi. Players of all standards are welcome to join us for a enjoyable afternoon. Ben
  9. peter the postie

    In car DVD players

    I'm looking for recommendations on In car DVD players. Ideally I'd like 2 screens, player unit, and if possible one that will run off rechargeable batteries. I'm happy to listen to all recommendations though. Anyone?
  10. S

    New Team- Players Wanted

    Moving on from Ireland, Scotland and Turkeys inability to even get into the tournament and Englands poor time there, Ted, Bob and I have decided to go back to grass roots level and start a new club team With the backing of 2 of Turkeys best towns, Altumlu FC will be an AngloIrishTurk venture...
  11. John O' Dreams

    Snooker players took bribes

    Alex Higgins claims four top players took bribes Former world snooker champion Alex Higgins has claimed that at least four top players have taken bribes to lose tournament matches. The 61-year-old also revealed that he turned down several big-money offers to throw games in his career. "The...
  12. S

    Looking for Bagpipe players Bodrum area

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows any expat bagpipe players in the Bodrum area????Thanks
  13. Martyn

    All you scrabble players

    I love playing scrabble(whether on a board of my Iphone) and I think i'm not bad but now the makers are to allow proper nouns in the rules. Good move? I don't think so, you can claim virtually any word now as long as you can prove it is a word. How does it work with a dictionary for checking...
  14. ceemac

    Players Call Foul After Pepper Spray Attack

    I reckon the Premier League could be doing with a bit of this the odd time :amen: 'A footballer who refused to leave the pitch after he was red-carded got more than a fine and suspension after riot police attacked him with pepper spray.' Here C
  15. mollag

    middle east players

    Well we have the VP Joe Biden in Israel trying for peace, likewise George Mitchell, Hilary is on wheels all around the place but where oh where is the Quartets special middle east peace envoy, Anthony [god told me i was right] Blair ? Mr Conspicuous by his absence hasnt really been seen or...
  16. edeller

    DVD Players

    Have done a search and cant come up with anything. If I buy a Turkish DVD player will it play UK region DVDs? :hmm: Emma
  17. S

    Players you have met

    Ceemacs post re Tevez reaction to a fan made me think of how players come across to fans when they meet the public. My claims to fame are 1 have had a drink/yarn with Norman Whiteside AND 2 my bruv in laws mate met GOD aka Henrik Larrson (said he was very shy) Anyone else got stories re...
  18. Martyn

    Togo players shot

    Bloody hell get our Chelsea players outta there :( Adebeyor was on the bus! BBC News - Togo footballers shot in ambush
  19. ceemac

    EU To Legislate On Music Players

    iPods and other MP3 players face noise limits under EU plans. Here Do you think our young folk will appreciate this? In all seriousness though, it's something we didn't face when we were kids (most of us anyway!), and it's very worrying that hearing loss amongst the young due to these...
  20. H

    portable dvd players

    hi wonder if anyone can coming to bodrum for 2 weeks soon and staying in a self catering apartment.i would like to have a portable dvd player so we can watch some films.currently the cheapest one i can buy in the uk is £50.00 can you tell me is it cheaper to buy one here ( uk ) and...
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