1. R

    Anyone here can play chess with me online

    Anyone here can play chess with me online :50: Which also has free time
  2. bickern

    UK TV Play

    You have to register but it has a few stuff I have not seen before.
  3. A

    Toddler play dates?

    Hi, I just moved to Gumusluk (Koyonbaba) a few weeks ago with my hubby and 2-year old son. We dont know many people here yet and would love to meet other families with toddlers. Respond or PM - would love to meet more people in general here too! Cheers, Annika
  4. bickern

    Why is the UK giving China £3million to play FOOTBALL?

    It beggars belief, it really does. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- George Orborne was attacked today after announcing £3million of taxpayers' money will be spent teaching the Chinese to play football. The Chancellor, in the country on a...
  5. bickern

    Meryl Streep to play Subo

    Susan Boyle: Meryl Streep has been asked to play me in film | Metro News Susan Boyle: Meryl Streep has been asked to play me on film. ‘I’d like someone to play me. Probably Meryl Streep – I understand she has been approached.’ Right.
  6. dande

    Kültür Café & Play Area, Çeşme

    Kültür Café has only been open for about a month offering a snack and main meal menu and - this is the difference - a colourful and attractive indoor play area for young children in a safe and enclosed space. We took three ‘experts’ there recently – three of our grandchildren who were visiting...
  7. bickern

    helicopters can play James Bond theme

    Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme - YouTube Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame. The quadrotors play this "couch guitar" by...
  8. H

    Anyone play Bridge ?

    Are there any couples out there in the Hisaronu, Ovacik, or Fethiye area who play Bridge who would be interested in a few games during Jan. Feb, March ? if so please leave contact e mails :-)
  9. L

    R there any folk in Didim who want to play Tennis?

    Am looking to move to Turkey during the next 6 months, so be good to know there are interested folks.
  10. g4ryj

    Where can I play snooker around Bodrum?

    Can anybody tell me where you can play snooker on full size tables in Bodrum / Turgutreis area. Many thanks.
  11. teosgirl

    play station 2 and Sony piano for sale

    Hi, We have a play station 2 for sale which has been used a handful of times since it's purchase approx 4-5 years ago. It comes with two steering wheels with acceleration and brake peddles and two hand controllers - plus a few games (will list later) Makes a great second/spare DVD player...
  12. kiaya

    For sale Play Station 2

    Play Station 2 (slim line) 8mb memory card 2 classic controllers 4 buzz controllers games:- buzz music buzz hollywood gun medal of honor call of duty 2 grand theft auto vice city In excellent condition hardly used 250TL pm if interested, also step exercise machine 60TL
  13. martin m

    Play on words

    Hi all Just a play on words for you to read, If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhoea does it mean that one of them enjoys it? There are three religious truths: a. Jews don't recognise Jesus as the Messiah. b. Protestants don't recognise the Pope as the leader of a Christian...
  14. P

    Play Football in Ovacik/Oludeniz/Hisaronu

    Play Football Hello All, If anybody fancies getting involved in a game of football in the Ovacik/Oludeniz/Hisaronu area, let me know. Im staying here for a year and was hoping to get something off the ground, nothing serious just a friendly kick about. Not sure about the best time, any...
  15. B

    Can you play online poker in Turkey?

    Hi all, Could someone possibly answer the above question for me? I play on-line poker as a hobby and it was always the plan that should we move to Turkey (some way off yet) it would pay for the shopping bill each week. However I would like to know whether you are allowed to play on-line or...
  16. T

    does anyone play bridge ?

    Hi all , This is my first post on TLF. I am coming to Gumusluk end of next week for 3 weeks. Does anyone play bridge and might be interested in a bit of social bridge?
  17. SuperBogs

    Why does the UK NOT play Ice Hockey

    I just took notice that there are several Europeen countries that produce star hockey players, Russia does also. How come the UK has not be involved in the fastest team sport in the world, weak ankles?...LOL Biker Bob
  18. I

    The Turkish lottery - how to play?

    Despite the infinitessimal chance, I would like to start taking a weekly punt at the lottery here in Turkey. I have no idea how to do it (other than obviously buying a ticket from the lottery ticket seller in the street), how to find out the winning numbers - are they published online? - and...
  19. zozatky

    A play with words.

    Word Alternatives Abominable – A piece of explosive swollowed by a male cow. Tortoise – What a teacher did. Metronone – Pixie living in the Paris underground. Grammar – The lady married to granddad. Footnote – The writing on the side of your trainers. Thesaurus – An extinct monster who...
  20. KKOB

    Our Dogs At Play

    Our lands flooded again but the dogs are making the most of it. Benson Stalking Molly Lucy Being a Springer Molly on Guard Hey, look what Sammy's got! Can I Come In Now ?
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