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    Help needed with a turkish plated car purchased abroad

    Good evening everyone and thanks for allowing me to join your group. I have searched up and down the internet and this forum was the only place I could find being close to what we need to find out. We live in London and have recently purchased a left hand drive vehicle from a local auction...
  2. T

    Departing Turkey in Turkish plated van

    I think I have most things in hand including the Green Card insurance (often mentioned not needed in EU) but my question to my learned friends out there is; Say I decide not to return in the van to Turkey which is likely is there some things I require to do just in case and if I stay out of...
  3. T

    MB plated car to Greece

    Can anyone confirm if I can drive a Turkish registered vehicle to Greece and use it for six months as I thought I saw it may only be for fifteen days? A green card I believe is a must as is of course all the usual documents.
  4. K

    ma plated freelanders

    any land rover Freelander ma plated owners in Altinkum area to contact me need some advice 05347104304 or pm pls
  5. L

    scrapping a MA plated car

    Does anyone know how to scrap a car in Turkey. Our car is registered in several Names and a couple of the 'owners' have now left Turkey.
  6. L

    Renew Log Book for MA plated car

    I have to get a new Log Book for my car, as the page for the TUV stamps is full and I am told I must go to Antalya to do this. I no longer have a residents permit will this be a problem.
  7. M

    UK plated car

    Where can I deposit with customs a UK plated car, so that I may leave the country for a new visa. How much per day? :help:
  8. R

    Buying a MD Plated Scooter

    Has anyone been through the process of buying a Scooter or Car from a fellow yabanci? If I was to buy a Scooter from an English man, what costs would there be to change the ownership to my name? Are there any taxes or other extras to pay? I imagine it would be easier and cheaper than buying...
  9. lorraine

    To Purchase Blue plated Cars

    details of the Blue plate procedures:
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