1. gymrat

    Furnitures, plasma tv's etc for sale in MERSIN

    Hi. I will be moving out of Turkey soon so have a lot of stuff for sale. If you are in Mersin/Adana area and interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

    Plasma,lcd or led tv

    This week end I am off to buy a new HD TV but I am totally flummoxed as to what to get. Being a man of leisure or some might say a lay a bout I want a decent sized screen, 55 inch plus to sooth me through the long winter evenings. In addition a few HDMI slots and a good picture is a must. So...
  3. Ian

    For SALE - 42in Plasma - Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi, Anyone Didim way looking to buy a 2nd hand 42inch plasma silver in colour and good condition, am asking for 1000lira.
  4. F

    plasma tv

    what would be the best way to bring a 32inch plasma tv to alanya, could we bring it overand put in into the planes hold in the box do you have to pay for electrical goods when you bring them over
  5. Andy

    42"Ambilight Plasma TV

    Yes after 23 working days it finally arrived, 8 working days late. Philps don't hang about do they? when they say it will arrive on time it will, (crap). Well iv'e unpacked it and it looks very nice but there's no way i can lift it out of the box, so rather than sit about waiting for my mate...
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