1. bickern

    Turkey shuts power plants

    Turkey shuts power plants for not installing filters. Five thermal power plants have been shut down completely and another one partially for failure to comply with a law to install filters, authorities said on Jan. 1. Four out of seven plants surveyed were allowed to operate temporarily...
  2. S

    Plants n things.......

    As I literally don't know which way up to plant grass I would be grateful for a couple of quick tips 're gardening 1 Is it the right/ wrong time of year to put flowers in the garden 2 the flower plants you see advertised for baskets- can you plant them in the garden Have looked at numerous...
  3. A

    Plants that are good for you and the environment...

    Aloe – This plant is great for increasing oxygen level in the home because it absorbs the carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Nine air purifiers can be replaced with one Aloe Vera plant. Ficus (FicusElastica) – This plant doesn’t need a lot of light and you can maintain it easily...
  4. A89

    winter plants

    Does anyone know of any plants that are readily available here that will survive the winter in troughs on my balcony in Alanya please? alison
  5. T

    Syria has chemical weapons plants

    Syria admits it has four more chemical weapons plants, says UN official The joint UN-OPCW mission has said all 1,300 tons of declared chemical weapons have been removed, and attention now turns to destroying Syria's chemical weapon facilities. Syria admits it has four more chemical weapons...
  6. B

    Surplus Plants

    My hobby is gardening and particular interest is propagation. My favourite flowers are hibiscus, roses and pelargoniums. My garden is to be remodelled and there are surplus plants in pots or to be replaced in the garden. My ambition is to produce a professional plant which taken by an...
  7. runjarrr

    balcony plants

    Hi! We have just bought an appartment on 4th floor in Mahmutlar. Thinking about getting some plants for the balcony but we don't know what kind of flowers/trees are suitable for this. We are not going to live here all year round so we are looking for plants which don't need a lot of care and...
  8. N

    Bringing Pot Plants to Turkey

    Hi, my old folks are planning on bringing some pot plants from the U.K to Turkey, most probably from B&Q and Homebase, haha! Any ideas if the following would be allowed, or any regulation stopping them from doing so? 1) Orange Blossom 2) Flaming Silver 3) RockRose 4) Rosemary 5) Euonymus 6)...
  9. S

    Hearty plants

    Hello Can anyone recommend some colourful hearty plants/ flowers that are likely to survive a season in Turkey. Thank you
  10. P

    garden plants

    just recently bought in altinkum, and wondering if anyone could tell me where i can buy plants and reasonable sized palm trees ?
  11. Yogi

    Hardy plants?

    We are about to put some plants in the grounds outside our apartment. We only use the apartment for a matter of weeks each year so are looking at getting plants that are pretty much self stustaining and don't need lots of maintainance. The last thing I want is to spend a lot on plants only to go...
  12. A

    renting plants

    hi all got back a few days ago from a great little break in akbuk/didim a friend of mine has a restaurant and beach club up on paradise bay with beautiful flowers and trees in pots do you think people with their own villa etc would pay to rent some while they are there :Flower:l
  13. bobthenob

    poinsonous plants

    This plant is called a Virginia creeper and the berries are poisonous to cats and dogs.lf you do have one in your garden.Snip off the tendril with berries on and discard them so the animals cannot get at them. Also if you do see one on your travels take extra caution with your pet. Any other...
  14. A89

    balcony plants

    Hi all. Im living in Alanya and would really love to have some plants on my balcony. We have no garden area to speak of so want to make the most of my balcony. Id love some green pot plants but would also like something flowering if possible, will plants be ok all year round outside here? What...
  15. bobthenob

    Hobby Plants

    Just giving you an idea of what l have in mind with my new ambitions once l am in that position.l know l said l won't be posting until l have settled down,but l just had to tell all Here are a few orchids that can be grown And here is a link to some very beautiful photos of orchids l want to...
  16. bobthenob

    Photos of Plants

    l was greeted this morning by a spectacular display of trumpet shaped flowers from my barrel cactus.That should give the nectar loving insects a feast for the next 2 days,because after that the flowers die off. This plant l thought was a special type of Turkish grapevine when l bought it from...
  17. B

    plants on planes

    Hi all, Just booked a flight with easyjet from Bristol to Bodrum, and was wondering if anyone knows if there are any restrictions regarding plants on planes. Not talking about a potted plant in my lap! Just a few small plants and cuttings in a container about the size of a shoe box, to go in...
  18. L

    Rubber plants............

    This is more of an indoor gardening question. I have recently acquired a lovely rubber plant for my living room here in sunny Turkey. A couple of the leaves have fallen from near the bottom of the plant. I know that you can damage plants by over/under watering, does anybody know the best way...
  19. C

    plants from the uk

    Anyone know whether it's ok to take plants from Uk to Turkey?
  20. GnD

    Rosemary Plants

    Can anyone tell me if and where I am able to purchase near Dalaman? We use a lot and as its a mossie deterrent even more incentive to plant. cheers Debbie No smart alec remarks about buy your own!!!
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