1. T

    Council threaten retired couple for planting flowers

    What a shame people try to enhance the area they live in and get threatened by the council. Then people wonder why people are not interested in improving their environment. Surely the council employees time could be put to better use? Thankfully a newspaper has stepped in and made the council...
  2. G

    Planting new gardens on a complex

    Hi Everyone We are on Royal Resort in Bogazici (Tuzla, Bodrum) and want to get the gardens up and running. At present we only have a few pot planted climbers on the internal access roads and the odd evergreen tree by each villa. I want to get an idea of what plants to use and start a (budget)...
  3. KKOB

    Companion Planting

    For an easy guide to companion planting take a look at this website Blueyonder - Companion Planting Guide
  4. KKOB

    Companion Planting

    An interesting site explaining how planting particular plants near oneanother is beneficial in attracting polinators and/or discouraging pests. Companion_Planting
  5. kaplumba

    planting shrubs

    I planted a whole load of things in my garden at the end of last March. It must have been a good time as they grew like mad and my garden is looking mature and wonderful now. If I wanted to plant more, is February too soon or would I get the same great results?
  6. A

    Help with planting the garden please

    Any one know about or know where where I can get info on plants and shrubs for an Aegean coast small garden? I just bought a ground floor appartment in Ozdere (between Izmir and Kusadasi) with its own very small garden . It gets sun half the day and has a high wall round most of it that...
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