1. Tenpin

    News Construction said to be halted at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

    Construction said to be halted at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Extract: The construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in southern Turkey has come to a halt and the fate of the plant is...
  2. L

    What is this plant?

    My landlord has this growing in his garden. Any ideas what it is? The plant has grown to about 4 ft high with very large leaves, the ?Vegetable? is about 8/10 inches long.
  3. yalimart

    Name this plant

    Name this plant ! We have got 4 of these in the conservatory exactly the same as this, I havent got a clue what they are called anyone got any ideas ? Martin
  4. C

    Would lıke to know the name of thıs plant

    Can anyone help me wıth the name of thıs flower? (Or perhaps, weed - as ıt certaınly grows lıke one!)
  5. Fuzzy

    Plant based Diet

    Is anybody on the forum on the " Plant Based Diet " ? Have you watched the film " Forks over knives " etc ..l'm wondering how easy is it to buy dairy free items soya milks and cheeses etc ??
  6. Harem

    What is this plant?

    Can anybody help identify this plant, please?
  7. J

    Mellisa plant ??

    Can anyone help we love the beautiful plant we can smell along hedges of Dalyan, we were told by local it was called Mellisa ?? looked it up but cant find any by that name just a herb. We saw it at the top end past bar st as you head into country side. I dont mean the gorgeous white and oink...
  8. C

    plant identification

    Just got back from a great time in Bodrum, saw a plant which I am trying to identify, any ideas anyone, and can they be grown in the UK?
  9. L

    What is this plant?

    Can anyone tell me what this plant is? It's about a foot tall and the flowers are about 6 inches across. There's only ever one flower out at a time and they only last about two days. Thanks
  10. D

    Plant food ...

    Hello everyone, Can any one recommend a soluable plant food please to buy in Turkey? I am tempted to pack a box of Phostrogen (spelling?) in my bag but would hate to get hauled over the coals as trying to smuggle in fuel for the house pipe! I have searched FAQ for gardening, plant food, and...
  11. SAMIMI

    Vegetables to plant this month in UK

    Looking at Gardeners World on the BBC last Friday night inspired me to get gardening and I decided to put together a comprehensive month-by-month list of what you can sow in our mild and not too warm climate. All grown outdoors. With the exception of Celeriac, Celery, Sweet corn and Tomato...
  12. alison09400

    Nuclear Plant for Mersin

    Seems like Turkey is planning to go ahead with the building of a nuclear plant in the southern province of Mersin, despite what we have seen over the paset few days in Japan..and despite warnings from experts. Turkey goes ahead on nuclear plans as experts warn - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic...
  13. Miss Money Penny

    Happy Birthday Peace plant ( maddies mammie)

    Many Happy Returns Kim, I hope you have a lovely day.....don't eat too much cake xxx
  14. culturevulture

    Turks growing unease over Nuclear plant.

    While Turkey is getting closer to realizing its first nuclear power plant, to be constructed by the Russian state-controlled Atomstroyexport JSC in Turkey’s southern province of Mersin, Turkish public opinion seems to be growing uneasy concerning the level of technology the Russians have to...
  15. jandj

    Robert Plant

    I recently saw Robert Plant and the Band of Joy performing at the BBC electric proms. An outstanding gig with his finale leaving the hairs on the back of my neck standing up!!! "I Bid You Goodnight" This version on Youtube performed in Arkansas, gives an idea. YouTube - And We Bid You Goodnight...
  16. bobthenob

    Parasitic Plant

    Please be aware of this evasive parasitic wraps itself around other plants and feeds off them by starving the host plant of vital nutrients.You can recognize the dodder by it's leafless vine stems that looks like threads wrapped around the plants. The dodder feeds off the host by...
  17. rosewall1

    plant recognition help please

    Uploaded with I need help to tell me what these plants are so that I know how to treat them. This bush has been flowering on and off all summer and then has produced these berries. Uploaded with I have been told that this one is a honeysuckle but if anyone has...
  18. rosewall1


    Does anyone know what this plant is it seems to grow taller by the day at least 6 inches everyday. Also anyone any idea what the bushes with very small red berries are???
  19. S

    Please name this plant

    Can anyone name this plant/tree. A local man told me its nickname is the bullet tree due to it firing out its seeds.
  20. g&t

    mystery plant

    on our recent visit to kusadasi we found some wild plant growing on the edge of the road, looks like a green hairy gooseberry, and if you touch it with your foot, it explodes, does anyone have the feigntest idea what it is,
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