1. Tenpin

    News Travellers Left With No Choice But to Cancel Holiday Plans Due to Schengen Visa Processing Delays

    More shortages of staff. Travellers Left With No Choice But to Cancel Holiday Plans Due to Schengen Visa Processing Delays Extract: Travellers from third...
  2. Yalides

    Christmas plans

    Where, what is everyone doing for Christmas this year ?
  3. M

    New construction plans in Datça

    Somebody forwarded this interesting article to me from 'Hurriyet'. It talks about a large new planned development in Datça, which is something that will probably have an impact on all us ex-pats who live here or who have houses here. Does anyone know any more about this? Opening of Turkish...
  4. S

    Plans for the weekend

    Anyone got anything exciting lined up for the weekend? Go on, go on ask me!!!
  5. suzyq

    Plans for Erdoğan’s birthday

    Don't think this is a good idea especially after the recent bombing. Is celebrating the President's birthday a new thing or is it something I've never noticed before? The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has submitted a parliamentary question addressed to Education Minister Nabi...
  6. D

    A turkish friend plans to ride his m'c up thru Europe and...

    İ wonder the border position on the route back to the uk from Turkey....he plans to ride as a holiday and finish by a tour in the uk ....will the borders be closed due to the migrant problems ?....he is organising it all for himself and just asking me about visas etc....but i wondered...
  7. suzyq

    Plans to renew all 17 custom gates in Turkey

    Turkey is clearing the deck to introduce a comprehensive restructuring at its customs gates, in a bid to solve clogging at borders by speeding up transactions. Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli has ordered ministry officials to prepare a project to renew all 17 of Turkey’s customs...
  8. suzyq

    Turkey plans to ease work permits for foreigners

    Good idea if it happens, but will it turn into another fiasco? The Turkish government is considering easing work permit requirements for foreigners with a new program that is aimed to draw more foreign investors and qualified workers to the country. Turkey has kicked-off studies to introduce...
  9. bickern

    Erdoğan's plans hit wall

    So, has Gül and others got the nerve to try and sideline RTE? Is this just wishful thinking? Smokescreen? Would Davutoğlu be prepared to do for Gul what Gül did for RTE and stand in as PM until Gül was elected a deputy? Could well be an interesting couple of weeks ahead...
  10. bickern

    Türk Telekom surveillance plans unacceptable

    Looks like new equipment has been bought and installed ready for whatever they want to snoop on. Lets face it Türk Telekom won't be the actual snoopers. ------------------------------------------ Ten civil society organizations made a statement on Wednesday drawing attention to alleged...
  11. JBK44

    Development plans in Datca bays

    All over the press today:- Https://
  12. Mushtaq

    Turkey plans to restructure it's financial markets

    Turkey’s plans to boost its local market infrastructure are moving forward. Most recently the Turkish exchange Borsa Istanbul signed a wide-ranging agreement with Nasdaq OMX aimed at overhauling its technology infrastructure. As part of the deal, Nasdaq OMX will take a 5% stake in Borsa Istanbul...
  13. L

    Complex Management Plans

    Anybody got any experience of taking people to task over contravening rules specified in the Complec Management Plan, that is lodged at the Tapu Office. Can you , for example get the Zapita involved
  14. bickern

    EU plans for caravan testing

    Does this get my vote? I think yes, to be honest even though I have not thought of it before all trailers etc should be checked.
  15. J

    kayakoy 300 bed hotel plans

    This news was published a couple of weeks ago now in the Turkish press. It seems the Turkish pm has approved plans for the construction of a huge 300 bed hotel in Kayakoy. Just wonder if anyone from Kayakoy has heard of these plans and what they think about them? Kayaköy'e 300 yataklý otel -...
  16. bickern

    Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives

    I really hope this is not true. Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also see the minimum...
  17. bickern

    Israel confirms plans to test missile system

    First test of Arrow 3 interceptor system intensifies speculation that Israel is planning for military confrontation with Iran. Israel is to test an advanced anti-ballistic missile system in the coming weeks, inevitably fuelling speculation about preparations for a possible military confrontation...
  18. Sunny Seasider

    Benefit Cap Plans - Cause Controversy!

    The controversial plans to limit the total payments any household can receive to £26,000 a year have been met with fierce criticism. An estimated 50,000 famlies would be affected. Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted to "call time on these excessive welfare payouts" and described it as a...
  19. I

    what happend to plans for golf course..

    Altinkum and Didim Growing in Popularity | Property Abroad Blogger :33:
  20. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys nuclear power plans

    İn spite of the massive earthquake in Japan and the consequences of a nuclear disaster in its wake...which are not yet fully comprehended...Turkey is not curtailing its plans for building Nuclear Power plants. Three are already in the pipeline. Last week in İstanbul there was a demonstration...
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