1. yalimart

    Airline Seat Planner

    What a great idea, but they could go further and put all the babies to the rear of the aircraft and use those adjustable curtains to close off the area where babies are. Martin
  2. no-nem

    Turkey wedding planner?

    I have dived straight into the padded room for this...Alison please take this in the sort of humourous way you know I intend, but you never know someone may get the hump...I see you are setting up ''Turkey wedding'' are you going to be flogging young Turkish waiters and the like to...
  3. W

    Wedding Planner in Antalya

    If you want to marry in Antalya, we can help you with the complete organisation of your wedding (wedding hall, catering, wedding dress, decoration, car service, hairdresser, jewellery,photograph...) Also for couples with small budget we realize a dream wedding. We also mediate contacts to...
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