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    Hello - need help planing an active vacation

    Hello all, My name is Boris, i'm 29 years old, from Slovenia. I decided to get to know Turkey a bit. I arrive on 29th of July and will spend two days in Istanbul. Then the active vacation starts. I plan to fly to Samsun, buy a used bicycle and cycle all the way back to Istanbul along the Black...
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    Planing to go in two weeks :)

    Hi guys, i will be there (DALYAN-MUGLA) in two weeks, planing to spend this winter and next summer there :) See u everyone :)
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    Planing Permision

    Hi, I own a 2 bedroom villa in Kalkan, its built on 3 levels & at present the third level is only used to house the washing machine. In the future I would like to convert this into a third ensuite double bedroom. This is quite easily done, my only concern is who do I see & what permisions do I...
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