1. Tenpin

    Sturgeon's own advisor mocks plan to hand Scots £11k a year

    ‘Expensive distraction’ - Sturgeon's own advisor mocks plan to hand Scots £11k a year NICOLA STURGEON's economic advisor hit out at plans to pay £11,000 a year to...
  2. G

    Management Plan Example

    We have a Management Plan for our complex however we are looking to update as it is over 8 years old. Does anyone have a recently completed Management Plan that we could use as a guide to ensure we do not miss any new rules or policies that others have found useful to include. Many thanks in...
  3. A

    management plan or condo law

    Hello Condo law states that owners must receive registered invitation to owner meeting at least 15 days before the date. I have looked at the management plan that was lodge when the build took place about 8 years ago and it states that only 10 days notification is required. Which is correct??
  4. L

    Advice for buying off plan

    After many years of renting we have found a small Villa that we would like to offer on. It is part of a small complex of 10 villas being built and is for sale via Engles and Volker. Can anyone share their advice on buying off plan ? What did you negotiate into the deal ? Did you negotiate on...
  5. H

    Changes to Management Plan

    Does anybody know the actual legal process for changing the Management Plan? I understand that any changes to the plan must be agreed by 4/5 of the owners, but what form does this agreement have to take? We have been advised that 4/5 of our owners, (or their POAs) must attend the land registry...
  6. V

    Accessing Site Management Plan

    hi - we need to access our site management plan. Can anyone please advise as to where we could access this and what is required to do so. For example we have been told that we can get this at the Title Deeds Office but we may need a solicitor to do this. Surely not? Could the site inspector not...
  7. suzyq

    New Draft Plan for a Green Tax

    With two planned new taxes on electricity and natural gas consumption, the government will collect 5.2 billion Turkish Liras ($1.8 billion) in new income, according to a draft plan drawn up by the Energy Ministry, daily Milliyet has reported. If the national energy efficiency strategy draft is...
  8. suecheshireuk

    Help needed to plan a Marmaris and Fethiye trip

    I need some help as I"m getting nowhere fast on my own. We plan to fly into Dalaman, and either go to Marmaris first or Fethiye, which ever works out the easiest using public transport. It doesn't matter which way round we go. I would be really grateful for any help whatsoever. Thanks Sue xx
  9. newhorizon

    Open Plan Workspaces Are the Work of Satan

    31 Dec 2014 Not sure what you think of open plan offices or indeed the trendy open plan kitchens.... The text below is an article written —By Kevin Drum| Tue Dec. 30, 2014 "After nine years in an office, Lindsey Kaufman's bosses decided to convert her ad agency into an open plan...
  10. suzyq

    New Off Plan Law

    In the first two parts of this series I gave the definitions and basic rules introduced with the new communiqué. If I may briefly summarize the basics, the communiqué is based on articles 46 and 84 of the law on the protection of consumers dated Nov. 7, 2013. Therefore this regulation outlines...
  11. Mushtaq

    Same sex dance ban plan sparks row

    A proposal which could prevent same-sex dance partners from competing against mixed-sex couples has caused a row in the world of ballroom dancing. The British Dance Council (BDC) is to debate a rule change which would define a partnership as being "one man and one lady... unless otherwise...
  12. bickern

    Turkish law -- regulations about off plan property sales

    The new law regarding consumer protection regulates off plan sales. The law defines an off plan prepaid sales agreement for residential properties as follows “an off plan prepaid sales agreement for residential properties is an agreement in which the consumer is committing to buy a residential...
  13. H

    G plan furniture and removal costs from the UK

    Does anyone know if you can buy G Plan furniture in Turkey? Also, has anyone recently used a Removal Company from the UK to Turkey? Any idea on costs?
  14. yalimart

    Deficit reduction plan

    The governments latest deficit reduction plan starts tomorrow, £100 fines for driving in the middle lane on motorways, the highway code states it should only be used for overtaking BBC News - Who, what, why: What's wrong with middle-lane hogging? Well I'm driving up to Edinburgh tomorrow so I...
  15. mollag

    UK pensioner plan

    You're a sick senior citizen and the government says they are going to sell your house to pay for your nursing care. So what do you do? Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Politicians. Of course, this means you will be sent to...
  16. O

    off plan properties in Istanbul

    Hello lovely people :D I am new in this forum and this is my fist post. So I have been reading about Turkey real-estate and it is booming. I've been looking at a couple of cities in turkey, but mainly Istanbul. My current preferred investment strategy would be to buy an off-plan luxurious...
  17. northpole

    Camerons economy plan

    l am so angry with Camerons polocies on how to balance the countries account books. Here is my view l have also posted the same comment on another forum Building houses is not the answer to balancing the books.There are already a million plus empty dwellings around the country,they can be...
  18. R

    Site Management plan - Help required

    I have a holiday house on a small complex of 24 houses. Earlier this year our maintenance company ceased working on the site and we are in the process of trying to set up a management committee to run the site. We already have someone who lives on the site full time who is willing to manage the...
  19. S

    Buying Off Plan in Calis

    Hi We have just come back from an inspection trip in Turkey - we have decided to buy off plan through a construction company called Manzara construction - through agents Property Turkey forsale - they have introduced us to a solicitor Ozergin & Kose Hukuk Burosu - we have done alot of...
  20. T

    Updating the managment plan in line with condo law

    I read on this site soemwhere that legally the Management Plan must be updated with the latest condominium law is this correct? I cannot find the post. Thanks
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