1. shirleyanntr


    İ'm not alone in noticing that there are a lot of posts lately where the information has been taken from another source on the internet and pasted here ..theres nothing wrong in this İ do it quite often with articles from Bianet.. if its not written by me İ say so.. .this is only fair to...
  2. bobthenob

    plagiarism on the rise

    l went into the webpage of the learning center,and was very surprized on how common this kind of cheating,is amongst the students to get the higher grades they want. Did you know? It doesn't matter if you intend to plagiarize or not! In the eyes of the law, and most publishers...
  3. immac


    I see a lot of entries here, particularly in the Padded Room section, that are copied from other sites and then posted here as original work with the member of this forum taking the credit. If members are going to use other people's writing, could they at least credit the person who did the hard...
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