1. C

    pitch invader attacked by goalkeeper

    the match between ajax and az alkmaar was abandoned after 36 minutes after a pitch invader ran up to the az goalkeeper who promptly gave him a good kicking! the referee sent off the az goalie, who,s manager then called his players off the pitch resulting in the game being abandoned!
  2. C

    Golf or Pitch and Putt

    Hi everyone, does anyone know of any Golf courses or crazy golf or pitch and putt in Alanya??? got family over and mt nephew is "Golf MAD"!!! so just trying to make him happy!!! thanks
  3. Marc

    5 A side Football Pitch coming to Akbuk

    Yes, I know, just when you thought you could relax after the news of Migros was coming to town I have just found them digging footings for the Akbuk 5-a-side pitch (like the one in Didim near the Market). They will also have a little cay cafe next door. The Pitch is situated just off the...
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