1. Jaycey

    Any pipe smokers out there?

    I quit cigarette smoking a while ago – no problem and have switched to a pipe with moderate success. The tobacco we get in Ukraine is mostly of Russian origin, somewhat harsh plus my wife keeps asking if my waste bin has caught fire :) Is there perhaps a pipe smoker on here that could suggest...
  2. flowerpotman

    Soba pipe wind vane

    Any idea what the thing on top of the soba pipes is called that helps draw the smoke up. Thanks
  3. giglets

    Blocked kitchen drain pipe

    We've got a partial blockage in our kitchen sink drain-pipe. Tried Mr Muscle and it has helped, but need something stronger. Have heard that there is a type of crystals you can put down the pipe? Any suggestions?
  4. shirleyanntr

    Turkey to pipe water to Cyprus

    over the years there's been different plans for getting water to drought ridden Cyprus.. it seems that finally plans are now well underway The project will start by building a dam near Anamur.The plan as far as i an make out is to give the water free to Northern Cyprus...but sell it to the...
  5. arrian

    hose pipe ban

    found out by chance by reading through this article, that registered disabled are exempt from the hose pipe ban!
  6. The_madhouse

    how much pipe tobacco can you bring back?

    Hi My Dad wants me to bring him some pipe tobacco back, but i'm not sure how much you are allowed per person? How do i find out we are leaving for the airport tomorrow at 2-00am, and is it easier to buy it on the way out at the airport? Many thanks Tracy
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