1. yalimart

    Price of a pint of EFES in Surrey ?

    What's the going rate for a pint in your neck of the woods ? And they wonder why pubs are closing. Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Martin
  2. S

    £13 a pint

    London pub The Rake defends charging £13.40 for pint of beer
  3. Neil_Denizli

    A quick pint ...

    Back in Gumusluk for a couple of days. So who fanicies one?
  4. B

    Pint of beer in a Jug.

    BBC News - The return of the dimpled pint glass It will be good news, to me anyway, if they bring the old jug back. I never did like the Nonic or the Tulip glasses. Bill.
  5. perfect1949

    what is the most that you would pay for a pint of beer

    after going to the Etihad stadium in Manchester yesterday and paying £4 for a pint . what is the most you would pay for a pint of beer , before saying enough is enough and go tea total . dave
  6. Yalides

    The end of the pint glass ?

    'Schooner' sink the traditional pint? New drink sizes mean premises will sell smaller measures | Mail Online Bet the prices don,t get smaller though.....
  7. Andy

    Free 1 pint of milk

    To celebrate the launch of our new milk, we're giving away coupons instore for a free pint of our 1% fat milk, or 40p off a larger size between 16-23 May. So give it a try! 1% fat milk - thin on fat, fat on taste From 30th April, we'll be the first supermarket to sell own brand 1% fat milk...
  8. surferDude

    a good pint!

    ok, so im here and all is bloody great except just one thing...... does anyone know if i can get a pint of the irish black stuff anywhere???? sad as it may sound, i really miss it and the efes, as nice as it is just doesnt cut it. cheers for any help, my taste buds will be happy.
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