1. mollag

    The Wall [Pink Floyd Yok]

    Just thinking how the Trump thread is deviating that there may be space for a dedicated wall thread. It doesnt seen so long ago when we would beat Russia up for the Berlin wall and Iron curtain, "We dont need a wall to keep our people in " we said, but did we not think where those folk would go...
  2. yalimart

    Pink Hurricane God bless America. Martin
  3. T

    Pink Bus

    The Labour party are putting a PINK bus on tour to woo the 9 million women who didn't vote at the last election. So ladies are you one of the 9 million Are you a Barbie Smarty, who will join the Labour Party
  4. J

    The man in the pink striped T shirt

    Any body know who the man in the pink striped T shirt with an attractive lady in the photo at the top of this page is? There are no words attached to the photo to give you a clue. Is it one of you lot? I'm mystified.
  5. Z

    Pink Elephants

    I have not received any reply either by email or posting from any Ufuk Hillside owner to my plea for answers to the questions i posted last week, except one. Today i received an email which implies that the answer to at least one of my questions is that i am considered a LIAR, and that in fact...
  6. kale

    Pink butterfly

    Arrian was watching a programme on tv thinking of you with your pink butterfly .this was a moth bright pink with pale pink wings . It was a hawk moth just wondering if this is what your butterfly was . ( sorry no photo ) perhaps you could google it Cheers Yvonne kale x
  7. arrian

    Pink Butterfly

    i had two very small butterflies in my garden today. they were about 1" from top to bottom, and about 1 1/2 to 2" across. and i've never seen anything like these before. they were a deep rose pink , with black edgings to their wings, with no other markings that i could see. i've tried different...
  8. T

    Pink flamingos at Tuzla Lake

    We have just been down to the waters edge at Tuzla to see the pink flamingoes. There are hundreds at the moment. First time I've seen them for 4 years now. Super sight.
  9. pineapple1

    Pink Ribbon 4 Breast cancer Dog toys !!!!!!!1

    I just want to say That Ancol ..One of the best makers of dog products in uk . Are selling a special PINK range to help with breast cancer . Thier pink Ribbon range . Just google Ancol Pink Ribbon ...Its includes Coats . Collers &Leads Toys and also Cat toys etc .....A nice gift for xmas and...
  10. tykatem

    Babies High Chair (PINK)

    Babies high chair in pink for sale. Only 5 weeks old and in A1 condition. Seat is height adjustable plus moveable tray. This was purchased just last month for our grand daughters stay. Price just 60TL. We live in Ovacik Pete
  11. Firebrand

    Pink powder on vegetable seeds

    Hi my husband recently brought back a packet of seeds from Turkey that had a pink powder on them. The pack said it was in line with the ministry of agriculture rules, etc, but it didn't say what it actually was. Does anyone know? Thanks
  12. Rainey

    Pretty Bright Pink Flower

    Hi Again, can anyone tell me what that bright pink plant bush is that you see around I think it may be wild, as you see it out in the sticks as well as in peoples gardens and it is so so pretty, I have a photo but cannot put it on here!!!
  13. Struggs

    Free Lenor in the Pink sample
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