1. Billy Joe

    Akbuk pine village.

    I have been looking at properties here Akb├╝k Pine Village Anyone any feedback,thanks.
  2. pembelu

    solid Russian pine dinner table and 6 chair set for sale

    solid pine dinner table and 6 chair set free washable seat cusions hand made 320 ONO no longer required-space needed lovely honey colour 88 x 148 cm can send more pics needs to be collected item located in koycegiz thanks
  3. SarahEsen

    Pine tree caterpillar risk

    My daughter came out in a bad rash last year while we were staying in Kayakoy. Doctors could not identify what caused it. I found this article recently and wondered if these caterpillar hairs could have been the answer. Maybe winds blew them near us? I just don't know. The pine processionary...
  4. Sniffy

    Zeytin-dali Pine management

    Hi folks I got an e-mail from the construction co. telling me that the person responsible for management of phase 2 is Alan and phase 3 Nesrin. Does anyone know if this is still the right people and whether they live permanently on site? Also has anyone been at the site lately that could maybe...
  5. A

    Removal of Turkish Pine

    Can anyone give me correct information regarding a very tall Turkish Pine tree which is in my friends garden and which he wants removed. I spoke to my solicitor who said that as the tree is in his own garden andhe is not on a site, he can remove it without any problem. Subsequently we have...
  6. Aladin

    Type of pine?

    Anyone know of the Brussell Sprout tree? I understand it is a type of pine with edible sprouts. I heard that it is special to the Fethiye area and I've been told that they are very rare.
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