1. E

    Decent pillows

    Anyone know where to buy fairly cheap but decent medium to firm (but not bobbly!) pillows? I bought some from koctas but when they arrived they had a weird orange football design rather than being plain white and were pretty floppy!! Based in Datca but can buy online or take a trip to Marmaris...
  2. M

    we need pillows

    can someone please recommend somewhere we can buy decent pillows
  3. culturevulture

    foam filled pillows.....????

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me find foam filled pillows in Didim/Altikum. I like my pillow to feel cold as I nod off. If it begins to fell warm I turn it over. Seems strange I know, but it helps me to get to sleep. The only pillows I can find here in Didim are all filled with the same type...
  4. M

    Feather Pillows

    I am thinking of fetching some feather pillows when our place is ready and I was telling this to my sister, she said she did not think it wise with the country being higher temperatures than here. She thought that feather might attract and get infested with bugs as there are more in Turkey than...
  5. K

    Duvets, Pillows & Blankets?

    Dear All Not wanting to sound daft, I don't particularly want to being all this stuff over with me. Where is the best price to buy sheets, bedding, kitchen plates and cutlery - is it in the markets and if so when and where do they happen near Altinkum?:)
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