1. F

    Pilates & Yoga

    Hi. Looking for yoga and pilates classes for the remaining months of the year. Does anyone know of any such classes in Fethiye, pls.?
  2. H

    anywhere near dalyan for yoga or pilates

    can anyone recommend any where to do yoga or pilates in or near dalyan
  3. C

    Pilates or Yoga

    Hey all, I was just curious as to whether or not there was a weekly group pilates or yoga session anywhere in Alanya? Cheers, Cici
  4. M

    personal training and yoga or pilates

    Hi everyone! I am a foreigner living in Istanbul who is staying with a friend for most of the summer in Bodrum. I was hoping you locals would have some good contacts for casual classes of pilates or yoga- or a good personal trainer contact..? Last summer I went to the gym just on the way out...
  5. Lindacm


    Does anyone know if there is a pilates class in the Dalaman area? Thanks, Linda
  6. O

    Yoga or Pilates Classes

    Hi. Does any members know of any Yoga/Pilates classes in Dalyan/Dalaman area-thanks
  7. angiesco


    Monday to Friday at 10.30 on TV8, Ebru Şallı has her pilates time. Is there anyone here doing it too? I started in October and I can't miss it. Of course, I don't just sit and watch, I have my big pink ball and my elastic bands for stretching. Is there any body here a fan of pilates...
  8. Lynda

    Pilates in Alanya

    Just to let those intending to be in Alanya for more than a couple of weeks know that a fully qualified Pilates instructor has started classes in Alanya. Private seesions are also available. For more info either pm me or contact direct on pilates_alanya@yahoo.de. Look forward to seeing some of...
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