1. Andy

    Pigeon in the Garden

    Yesterday i was in the garden to do some pruning and mowed the lawn and was followed around by a Pigeon which i have been feeding throughout the summer by hand on my lap. Today i uploaded it to you tube and thought members might like to see it. DSCF4759 - YouTube
  2. kemerkid

    A ban on pigeon racing?

    What next for Britain? The lunatics are trying to run the nut house! PETA's calls to ban 'brutal' pigeon racing rejected by fanciers | This is Somerset
  3. B

    Pigeon Impossible.

    Fantastic animation. Enjoy. Pigeon: Impossible - YouTube
  4. J

    Crow vs Pigeon

    In Dublin earlier eatin lunch, seen a crow vs pigeon fight.....a car won...
  5. alison09400

    19th Golden Pigeon Song Contest

    Well we are having a busy few nights here in Kusadasi with events. leading up to Saturday's Final of the 19th Golden Pigeon Song Contest. got underway on Wednesday night. So far, free public concerts at the Peace & Friendship Square on the seafront have been given by Petek Dincoz, Yalin and...
  6. ceemac

    Pigeon love, passion and profession in Turkey

    For many people, pigeons are ordinary, white and gray birds that swarm public squares or are released as symbols of peace at rallies. But for those who love, raise, race, sell and buy them as a hobby or profession, pigeons can be a life’s passion. Here C
  7. ceemac

    Pigeon Fancying In Fethiye

    In the Mediterranean coastal town of Fethiye, a wheeling cloud of more than a hundred pigeons, known by professionals as a 'kit,' take their exercise at the same time every day, obscuring the sky above the Lycian tomb of Amintas. This breathtaking sight links the modern sport, popular in many...
  8. G

    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Does anyone know of a Clay Pigeon shooting club in the Bodrum area ?
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