1. S

    Spurs- time to eat my humble pie!!!

    Well Mr Spurs, it's time I cut myself a large slice of humble pie....... Couple of years back we had excellent debate re UKIP, Mr Farage, and Brexit You said UKIP would get their vote out, I said def not- I was well wrong!!! You said Brexit was strong possibility , I said absolutely no way-...
  2. violet

    pumpkin pie

    hi, I am a Turkish girl and I want to cook pumpkin pie for my boyfriend.he had spent a year in US a few years ago and he says pumpkin pie is his favourite dessert. I tried to prepare one using an American recipe but as most of you know, many ingredients cannot be found in Turkey.I dont even know...
  3. D

    Shepherd's Pie Tips

    I'm going to make Shepherd's Pie for the first time. What is the secret to tasty shepherd's pie; any tips? Should I use minced lamb? Also, I don't want to use gravy in a packet, but gravy is important in this dish, right? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    yufka or milfoy?

    hi there, i was wondering if i can use yufka or milfoy to make chicken pie? i have seen milfoy in Kipa, but it seems only small slices are sold. the pie recipe i have calls for puff pastry, and i am unsure which is suitable... Thanks for your help! :)
  5. Mirazz

    Banoffee Pie

    Hi Has anyone got an easy to follow recepie for Banoffee Pie please :)
  6. L

    Mushroom and potato pie

    A delicious mixture of mushrooms in suce topped with creamed potatoes Potatoes 900g (2lb) 4 Celery sticks 1 Medium size onion Mushrooms 450g (1lb) Butter or marg 75g (3oz) Milk 60ml (4 tbsp) 2 Garlic cloves crushed Arrowroot 22.5ml (1 1/2tbsp) Milk 1/3 pint (200ml) Chopped parsley 30ml...
  7. shirleyanntr

    mummyducks mince and onion pie

    ive been drooling since mummyduck mentioned mince and onion pie with a crust on daves transfer window thread can she share the recipe please it reminded me that my mother used to make a pie crust with meat and pots good comfort food for a cold day
  8. mollag

    Fancy a meat pie?

    I have just typed this up for a mate so i thought someone may like it. The recipe is good for all meats though it is essentially for scottish mutton pies. Good luck, mine turned out really good. Macho meat pies Ingredients for pastry 450g/1lb flour 1 tsp salt 200g/7oz lard 225ml/7┬Żoz milk and...
  9. shirleyanntr

    cottage pie or shepherds pie

    im going to make one or other of these two tomorrow...i know one is beef and one is lamb.....and although i can make a fairly good basic one i never seem to be able to get that lovely moist gravy texture...i would be glad of a nice recipe. im wondering if swede and tatties mashed for the top...
  10. Bubskar

    Pie & Mash

    Well that's better - just got back from my weekly (Saturdays) feast of pie and mash. Yes this is a London thing - as old as the hills, although not as cheap as it used to be. Although good to eat at the best of times it is essential fuel for freezing cold days. All children in South London...
  11. jane2005

    Pie poll

    Who would like to see a picture of my lemon mernigue pie?
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