1. S

    30k a month to broadcast live pictures of empty room

    Revealed: £30k a month bill to broadcast empty Stormont Assembly - Remember this next time Sleepy comes on complaining about you British taxpayers.
  2. hijo

    Pictures from Zoo in Perth, Australia

    ...... some photos from the Zoo In Perth Australia .......
  3. HelenSnowball

    Posting pictures in a thread

    Can anyone help please? I'm trying to upload a picture and I've followed the instructions in FAQ, so I think the picture is there, but in the thread where I want to put the picture, I don't get anything on the attachments bit when I try to do a new post. Then, when I go back to where I think...
  4. abba

    Viewing Pictures in posts

    When I click on a picture it will start to load but not finish. If I then close the loader and re=click the picture, it will completely load. Also, it will not move to a second picture unless I perform the same function. I must be doing something in error. Is anyone able to suggest how to...
  5. tomc1984

    Facebook pictures on a tabet

    Anyone using facbook on a tablet (Samsung galaxy) not the free TTNET ones, although they may work better. Very annoyed the way all pictures fill the screen automatically not like on pc. Doing my head in, any ideas.PLEASE
  6. A

    Shot dog in mahmutlar, Update and new pictures

    Hi Just wanted to update you on the progress of the dog that was shot in Mahmutlar. As you can see from the new pics, taken yesterday, she is making excellent progress. She has now left the vets and is in temporary care of my girlfriend, until such times as a full recovery is made. Friendly...
  7. lara

    Posting pictures

    I want to post a picture from my facebook, any help would be appreciated. I'm in the test area failing miserable........I hate technology.
  8. lara


    I remember a thread from some ago where members posted pictures of themselves but I'm unable to find it, can anyone remember the title?
  9. Jaycey

    Pictures Corner

    We’ve got a Poets Corner, a Book Corner and a Film Corner … how about a Pictures Corner? Friends often comment on my taste in art so I’d like to share a few of the pictures that have taken my fancy recently… And perhaps fellow TLFers would like to share some of their favorite pics? (It has...
  10. altinkum kev

    Latest pictures from Mars

  11. arrian

    How to enlarge pictures???

    no pun intended!!! i've posted a few pics on a couple of threads, but they are only small in size, how do i enlarge them before posting please? be glad of any easy help!!
  12. bickern

    Amazing colour pictures of Blitz

    Go here for the rest Colour pictures revealed of London blitz from Nazi bombers in World War II | Mail Online
  13. SonnyJim

    Avatar Pictures!! Shock Horror!!

    I was so relieved when KKOB changed his picture from that awful ..... don't really know what it was - snarling, blood curdling THING!!! Thanks KKOB, much more chilled now! Have just noticed that now Yalides has moved to the horror theme :boink: Last night I watched a bit of that film called...
  14. Minajayne

    2011 world tragedies in pictures..

    This is just a small percentage of things that have happened to the world in 2011...some amazing photography. Enjoy the festivites but spare a thought..... January: Brazil floods and landslides - 2011 in pictures: tragedy - MSN UK News
  15. pete-speleo


  16. John O' Dreams

    Incredible rescue pictures

    Jilted bride-to-be tries to jump from window Pictures here A Chinese man performed an incredible rescue of a woman who tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend called off their wedding. The man, a worker at the building in Changchun City, north-east China, held the 22-year-old woman after...
  17. juco

    How to resize / edit / post pictures

    There still appears to be a problem for some in posting/editing pics. You may find this useful, dont be put off as it appears `long winded`its actually quite easy. Easy steps........ 1. You must know where the pictures are located on your PC. 2. Re size the pictures (Instructions below) 3. Host...
  18. S

    Lake Koycegiz Pictures Part 3

    From the mud baths we then went on to a little place called Ekincik where the med meets the Aegean. Looking down over Ekincik The rest of the pics are view fron the mountain. And last but not least I hope you all enjoyed ny trip to Koycegiz in pictures...
  19. S

    Lake Koycegiz Pictures Part 2

    From the mud baths we carried on over the mountains where we passed thousands of bee boxes for the pine honey and several mountain goats and of course more stunning views. Eventually we came to Kaunos Ancient City. We did not pay to go in to the ruins as time was against us but the rest of it...
  20. S

    Lake Kocegiz Pictures Part 1

    We have just had a couple of days in Koycegiz and I can honestly say that I have never visited such a beautiful area of Turkey. The next few pics are of Koycegiz town . Marbled Promonade Lakeside Hotel Cobblers Iron mongers A typical Apartment building From the town we...
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