1. Mojive

    Inserting pics on TLF :)

    Hi Folks :couch2: I was thinking about putting up a pic on here this morning...only of the sunrise this morning over my local bit of sky, Bournemouth Dorset :eek: nothing ground breaking I know and how many sunrises do you really need.... as you can witness them yourself out your very own...
  2. S

    Couple of pics

    Here's a few pics from one of our village fiestas this year Our usually quiet quaint plaza sure gets busy!!!
  3. Jaycey

    Fabulous wildlife pics

    A few of my favourite pics… 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  4. Jaycey

    News of the Day - in Pics

    I thought it might be nice to start a new thread showing the human side of the international news..
  5. juco

    Warning if you take pics with a cell phone. - WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone .
  6. M

    Gumusluk - apartment for sale

    Apartment pics for sale I see many have difficulties putting pics in here like I had :-) In our days most of us have a phone with a camera ... maybe it's a way to present one's house/apartment for sale in here. Here is our place for rent/sale at Gumusluk/Koyunbaba area I took last year with...
  7. Sally-Ann

    A few wild flower pics of around my house.

    This area is at the back of Hatiplar village near Side. It's just beautiful this time of year:5:
  8. M

    Furniture for sale + pics now

    Furniture for sale. Everything is included. Livingroom and 2 bedroom furniture and kitchen: washmachine, dishwasher, fridge etc. PM is you want to buy it ...
  9. S

    Nice pics of your town

    Teds cool pics of his neck of the woods have inspired me to start a thread for recent pics of your part of Turkey. This is top of our Main Street
  10. Summertime

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas withs this lovely pics

    With this pics I wish you all a quiet peaceful Christmas in remembering of God`s son Jesus Christ, it is easy to be religious when we have this view and light. This pics is from my Home Mountain where I have my Second Home, my cabin is on the foot of the big hill you see on the pics. Where I...
  11. Lillylilly

    Bigger pics on my fun family tree?????

    :confused::confused:Hi wonder if anyone can help me cos you are all so helpful on here for stuff. I have done a fun family tree with all recent pics nicked from FB of family extended family etc and it looks really good. Want to print it out but it keeps coming with very small pictures. Even if I...


    I had my camera on automatic shooting mode but they have come out a bit dark?????????
  13. arrian

    web cam pics

    i have said many times that i'm a novice when it comes to computers. and now i need some help again! using the web cam i want to copy some pics i have got, don't have a printer, don't have a lap top, i am using a netbook. tried going into programmes etc but can't find the info on how to use...
  14. Mojive

    Some pics of my trip to Cappadoccia!

    Was not sure where to post these,but as I set out from Side decided here would be o.k, if wrong sure a mod will sort it:-) And now the church inside the Fairy Castle firstly the steps up into the church. Fantastic trip.....took an age to get there but well worth it!!!! Mo xx (Pics...
  15. altinkum kev

    lost pics

    Help, i just put some pictures into recycle bin then i emptied it and just realised i wanted to keep a couple of them i did a restore but they did not come back ,is there anything else i can do, im on vista.
  16. hijo

    glasgow pics

    ..heres a few pictures my missus took on a recent visit to Glasgow
  17. luckycat68

    Pics of Yalikavak today

    Few pics I took earlier . today was a beautiful , warm , sunny day here in Yalikavak
  18. luckycat68

    A few pics from Istanbul

    Just a few of the many photos I took whilst in Istanbul last week
  19. pete-speleo

    profile pics

    trying to change profile picture
  20. SonnyJim

    Problem attaching pics to TLF

    This is annoying me now because ever since I bought a Canon IXUS 105 12.1mp camera I have been unable to upload photos to TLF, I have have to do them via Facebook which is really long winded! This message shows: Upload failed 024.JPG The photo is showing as 2.02mb Any ideas as to how I...
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