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    Pickup Truck as a family car, downsides?

    I've been looking at the price of double cab pickup trucks like the Nissan Navara and Toyota Hi luxury as an alternative to something like an X-Trail or Rav4... They're significantly cheaper to buy and even the yearly tax appears to be cheap (if you get the 2WD version).. Downsides I can think...
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    Car Hire in Fethiye; Pick-up from Dalaman

    We usually use Oscar in Fethiye, and have used them quite happily 5 or so times now. I've just gone to price up 2 weeks and a cheaper (basic) Albea came in at over 32£ per day. (last year we had a focus for £28!) Can anyone recomend someone who'll be cheaper than that; who has a website; and...
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    Free Rental site & 10% off Car hire and Airport pickup

    Needing to rent my property next year and hire a car for inspection trips this, I have been looking at the internet for good rental sites. I found a few but one was interesting cos it listed property only in the Altinkum, Akbuk and Kusadasi areas. This means that the focus on the site was on...
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