1. IbrahimAbi

    Attacker picked a wrong un

    Loved this story about a man who attacked a woman only to find she is a kick boxer: Sex attacker Mark Willis picked on kickboxer who was given £500 reward | Daily Mail Online Sometimes there is justice in this world.
  2. Talkinman

    Picked up a virus - Portaldorsites.com

    Hi all I need help geting rid of a bug (Virus) that I picked up on my laptop. It has taken over my homepage and try as I may I cant get rid of it. It is a Turkish site called "Portaldorsites" and is driving me crazy, I am very worried now of doing anything that might disclose any personal or...
  3. H

    getting picked up from the airport

    Hello all We are flying into Bodrum airport, in the past due to early morning flights the drivers have always taken us to Gumusluk and driven us, apparently the Turkish tax authorites and insurance changing this is now no longer possible, the tax men from the government wait at the airport so...
  4. jcrian

    Olives are picked

    The olives are picked and going to the press today How much oil will we get?? First pic - olives in the bath
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