1. S

    Never pick a fight with the Irish!!!!

  2. J

    taxi pick up Bodrum airprt

    His there any problems with taxis from Kusadasi picking up at Bodrum airport. Been told there his. any one know of problems with taxis.
  3. S

    gunlukluk pick up

    Hi, does anyone know if gunlukluk has a pick up service and if so what the number is, thanks.
  4. K

    Diving near Marmaris, need to pick brains

    I am looking for the name of a particular diving center/instructor. I went in holiday in 2009 to Marmaris and attended a beginner diving course which I think took place on Defneli beach. I have tried since then to locate the diving centre and instructor that taught me. I looked at my diving...
  5. willip

    Happy slapper pick on wrong old woman

    best thing i have seen in a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRZTOpLzoZA
  6. Yalides

    The best aussie pick up line ever?

    An Aussie walks into a pub and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance then casually looks at his watch for a moment. The woman notices this and asks: 'Is your date running late?' 'No', he replies, ‘I just got this state-of the-art watch, and I...
  7. Struggs

    Why do all ailing wildlife pick my garden

    Some will remember my hedgehog story a few years ago. It always seems to happen in my garden, last year a sparrowhawk swooped up a baby collar dove, luckily I saw this and with shouting and clapping the bird was dropped and I managed to catch it and fortunately he was not injured. I have had a...
  8. arrian

    anyone pick the winner?

    last year i won £175 on 'Don't Push It', this year it came third, and i lost a fiver! anyone have the winner??????????
  9. C

    Car Hire pick up dalaman

    Can anyone help with 10 days in OCT from Dalaman airport prices. I do currently have one thats All Inc at £21 a day from Turkish car hire based in Fethiye. For a Fiat Albea car. But my budget is so tight this year as I have already lost and awaiting refunds on 14 flights. Any saving on further...
  10. W

    who would you pick v slovenia?

    my team would be -----------james----------- johnson-carragher-terry-cole ----------barry----------- ---lennon--gerrard--j cole----- ------crouch---rooney------- attack!! attack!! attack!!!! thoughts?????
  11. B

    van or pick up hire

    Hi there, Does any one know of where I can hire a self drive van or pick up in the Akbuk area? Thanks Billjack
  12. Martyn

    Who would you pick for your team.....

    if you could pick one player from another side in the Premiership. For me(Chelsea) it would either be Rooney, Gerrard or more likely Torres. Yes Torres for me.
  13. KKOB

    Thugs Decked By "Transvestites"

    Two drunken thugs have learnt a lesson after the pair of cross-dressing men they attacked turned out to be cage fighters in fancy dress. Yobs Floored By Cage Fighters In Drag - Yahoo! News UK
  14. D

    pick up/drop off restaurant

    Hi all, coming out next week with family, 8 of us. Can you tell us of any restaurants that pick up and drop off. We are near Tansas.
  15. M

    Car Hire where I can pick up Izmir, drop off Bodrum

    Does anyone know of a reliable car rental company where we can pick up the car at Izmir airport and drop it off at Bodrum airport. Tried Valley (a lot of people on TLF recommended) but they can't do this. Thank you. Caroline
  16. G

    Be careful - pick pockets around

    Please be careful when you are at the Saturday market Turgutreis as there were quite a few people who had their pockets picked Saturday just gone. Some got their wallets back with the cash missing so at least they got their cards back. I am not the most careful with my purse but I will take...
  17. dalid69

    Pick me Up Magazine

    Just letting people know our turkish kitten sweep is in todays edition (27th),i send in the funny picture of him drinking from the goldfish bowl and they have picked it to published. Just trying to get him on video doing it now then i will post it on the web. Paul
  18. Mushroom

    Time to pick your brains please

    Dear All, I have been given the thankless task of arriving at Gulluk at the start of April with just one week to go buying before Mrs Mushroom and our daughters travel over with me again at the end of May. By that time I am expected to have purchased - a) Curtains/blinds/poles/nets etc b)...
  19. dalid69

    Pick Me Up !

    Hi everyone,thought we would share a couple of pictures of our turkish kitten Sweep in action !,some of you may have seen his picture next to our postings,i sent this to pick me up magazine and they replied straight away to say they wanted to use the picture and they are sending us a cheque too...
  20. Ms Who

    I need to pick your brains

    Ello people, I was in Kos last week, dropping the boy off for his summer job and on my way to the return ferry (last minute as usual) I found a camera in the road. I scanned through the photos to see if I could recognise the owners on my boat but to no avail. The photos date back to last...
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