1. S

    Send pic by PM

    Is it possible to send a photo by PM????
  2. shirleyanntr

    Pic from turkish class

    i didnt that Toni was snapping away..we had a great time yesterday ..they come back for the insults..:blah: and the drama :drama: thanks to Jez/Eden Bar for letting us use his restaurant cheers Jez :humble:
  3. jaimie

    Trying (in vain) to get a new profile pic on here

    Good evening Everyone. A teeny tad of a problem. I am now (much to my own disgust) having to use a new pc (as I broke the old one) running windows 7. I was using "ubuntu" nutty narwhal which I liked a lot. Anyway I have tried resizing a pic of me (looking less like a sex god:lol:) and more...
  4. Miss Money Penny

    changing profile pic

    I decided it's time to change my profile photo. I have uploaded the same photo to other sites without a problem it's 63x100 size 7.93. The photo will appear in my profile but when I click save I get the message file upload failed, what am I doing wrong?
  5. ceemac

    Greek man sues Swedish firm over Turkish yoghurt pic

    A Greek man has sued a dairy firm in southern Sweden after his picture ended up on a Turkish yoghurt product. The man whose picture adorns the Turkish yoghurt product manufactured by Lindahls dairy in Jönköping argues that they do not have permission to use his image and has sued the firm for...
  6. S

    Pic of my house

    in all my years on TLF I have never been able to post a pic of my house. So here goes yet another attempt I bet all you can see is a red x!
  7. bickern

    Freebie pic resizer.

    High Quality Photo Resizer is an easy-to-use freeware for batch resizing of digital photos. With High Quality Photo Resizer you may make high quality small photos for publication on the internet or to send to friends and family. It supports many input formats: BMP, DIB, EMF, GIF, ICB, JPG, JPEG...
  8. S

    Names on pic's

    Hello, I love browsing the Photo Gallery, but I do see soo many pictures called "pic023", "pic003"...... wouldn't it be possible to add some information (like the place ??) thanks in advance
  9. mavi

    find 50 movies in the pic..

    there are 50 dark movies hidden in THIS picture.. move mouse around to look at the pic and click on a clue or subject that u think is a movie, a box apprears and u add in the title... the box turns green if u are correct... some of them are easy to spot if u look closely.. good luck.. its...
  10. B

    Pic of Habitation Cetificate?

    Is it possible for someone on the forums to post a picture of what a Habitation Cetificate looks like? Once again, thanks for all the help and enjoyment we continue to get from these forums! Mel and Anne. (Beachhhhhhh)
  11. Lynda

    Another pic

    Hı thouht I woud change avatar and share pic of my daughter Sarah for a change.. wıth me of course. I am the older one :lol: .. before my op!!!
  12. jcrian

    Pic Tutorial?

    Maybe I am thick :crazy: Could someone post a tutorial on posting pictures in the threads? I manage to upload the pic to image shack but then get about 6 alternatives to copy the url for posting the pic. It's pot luck which one I choose, and usually the wrong one. A tutorial, with really...
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