1. juco

    Any experienced piano players.

    Looking for some advice for beginner.
  2. immac

    Upright Piano Wanted

    My Turkish neighbour´s daughter (aged 9) is showing some ability on the piano. She is having lessons but needs a real piano at home to practice; she has an electronic keyboard, but music teacher says it is not the same. I have no idea what the market value is for these things - I know in UK you...
  3. S

    French, german, piano, and kid swimming course urla

    Hi, I would like to get some infos about courses. Is there any german, french course in urla area? Also i'm looking for piano lesson and swimming for my kid. Thanks in advance.. Shirly
  4. A

    Wanted: 2nd Hand Piano

    Looking to get a second hand piano for our place in Yalikakvak. In the UK they are very common to find on the likes of Ebay, etc. Is there a local classifieds or does anyone know of a piano needing a new home :-)
  5. TurkInDenmark

    Piano lessons in Alanya?

    Okay, so me and my GF are in Alanya for the season as tourists. Do anyone of you know a place where you can get piano lessons? Pref. in English. But Turkish could work too.
  6. essex_girl

    Piano keyboard

    Has anyone got ant ideas where I can buy a piano keyboard in the Bodrum area please? Don't want to spend too much.... It is just for practising. Thank you
  7. teosgirl

    play station 2 and Sony piano for sale

    Hi, We have a play station 2 for sale which has been used a handful of times since it's purchase approx 4-5 years ago. It comes with two steering wheels with acceleration and brake peddles and two hand controllers - plus a few games (will list later) Makes a great second/spare DVD player...
  8. A

    4th to 21st November- Piano Festival -Antalya

    The 10th International Antalya Piano Festival will be held between November 4 and 21, 2009. Famous composer/pianist Fazıl Say is the Art Director of the Festival. All concerts will take place at Antalya Kültür Merkezi and the tickets can be purchased through Biletix. Programme = Wednesday...
  9. E

    Piano and Violin Lessons

    Hi all... As the winter approaches and and we all have more time on our hands I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be giving piano and violin lessons in Eklisia throughout the winter. I am a Guildhall graduate and have been teaching on and off for 15 years. I can teach at all...
  10. cirali

    Piano Festival in Antalya - Nov 2006

    7th International Antalya Piano Festival organized by Antalya Municipality, AKSAV (Antalya Foundation for Culture and Art) and Kadir Dursun Production will be held between November 3 and 25, 2006. The art director is famous piano virtuoso Fazıl Say. The theme of the festival is "Mozart in...
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