1. H

    Phrases heard on Turkish TV

    Hi everyone! I have learnt most of my Turkish online, which means I'm extremely poor at understanding the language when spoken. I decided to start watching Turkish TV to see if it helps. In the process, I have became absolutely hooked on Kiraz Mevsimi! I've heard some words and phrases used...
  2. T

    Some greetings and basic phrases

    Some greetings and basic phrases The following list of commonly used greetings and basic phrases may be helpful for you. Günaydln. Good morning. İyi akşamlar. Good evening. iyi geceler. Good night. There is no set expression for 'good afternoon~ but you can say: iyi günler. Good day(s)...
  3. T

    Var-Yok phrases

    “ var – yok ” phrases Yok yere ---> without reason, from nothing Yok yere tartıştık. --->We argued from nothing. Yok yere onun kalbini kırdın. ---> You broke his/her heart for no apparent reason. Var gücüyle ----> With all power, with all one’s strength - Onlara var gücüyle vurdu...
  4. beyazbayan

    Words & Phrases İ hate

    Kids - when not referring to small goats. You Guys - İ have been carting these appendages around on my chest for many years and you don't notice them. Have a nice day - İ don't want a nice bl...y day and if İ did İ would choose which one to have. Missing you already - F...k off. İf İ was...
  5. A

    phrases on video

    I found this site it has people saying turkish phrases on video, it looks good to me. I dont know if its already been posted on here but here it is anyway. Turkish Greetings Phrases with Video - Turkish Phrases
  6. L

    emergency phrases

    After a couple of friends in the UK had recent health emergencies, I got to pondering on how well we'd be able to help ourselves/someone else if similar events had taken place whilst we were in Turkey - our language skills still being fairly limited. I thought that it might be useful to have a...
  7. simon90


    What are your faavourite phrases? English and Turkish >>>>>>>
  8. bobthenob

    phrases of wisdom

    Why I do what I do? I often wondered why I respond to a situation the way I respond. Interestingly, I have responded to the same event in different ways at different times. To the extent that one response can be opposite to the previous...
  9. shirleyanntr

    a few more random phrases

    Here are a few more random phrases and a little bit of explanations here and there to help those of you who are learning the grammar. anlamadım..(Ma negative) i don't understand Daha yavaş söyleyebilir misin?..söyle-y-ebil-ir... Can you speak more slowly Lütfen bir daha söyleyebilir misin...
  10. shirleyanntr

    some basic phrases

    basic phrases. here are some random phrases and some replies you may get and can't quite catch. For those of you who like to understand the grammar take notice of the tenses and the endings. Can you find the İF tense?..its useful..but not used much by learners..and thats a shame as you can...
  11. A

    Annoying Phrases

    The Daily Telegraph has been running a campaign and people have been mailing in the words or phrases that annoy them and it has opened the flood gates. Especially this new corporate UP talk? My pet hate is when people keep saying "you know" every few seconds. Well, if you think I know why are...
  12. shirleyanntr

    turkish phrases

    turks have a phrase and a set reply to almost every situation eg when you see somebody working.even school say ' kolay gelsin'...may it come easy to the one who has given you something they made (food lace etc)..'elinize sağlik' to your hands ( even said to me when i gave...
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