1. ceemac

    Conservatives to lose the election…. to Photoshop?

    While Conservative and Labour politicians are busy campaigning for the forthcoming general election, supporters of both parties have armed themselves with Photoshop and engaged in a battle on the Internet. Such is the level of online activity, it's been hailed as "the first e-election" in...
  2. geordie_nev

    Turkish Photoshop Brushes

    I don’t know if anyone uses photoshop but I’ve just made up my own set of Turkish designed brushes, I made them from a royalty free design book I bought from a jumble sale a few years back. Here are a few examples; I’ve made 36 brushes in total. If anyone uses photoshop and wants to use the...
  3. Martyn

    Photoshop tutorial book

    Here is a book on tips and techniques when using Photoshop. It's a free download just use your throwaway email i.e. hotmail.
  4. merlin

    The magic of Photoshop?

    Is it just makeup or is it paintbrush & photoshop.... Merv!
  5. merlin

    Sharing some photoshop links.... Merv!
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