1. K

    Fabulous photos from the Royal Society

    As a change from all the bad news. Some wonderful photos to enjoy.
  2. newhorizon

    Help- How to recover deleted photos

    I want to know if there is any way to recover deleted photos? Unfortunately these were not backed up as the device I had them on failed suddenly and had to be sent away. Photos were on 2 locations:- 1) -They were on my mobile phone (an android handset) that acquired water damage in January...
  3. newhorizon

    New Horizons Brings Pluto Back In Spotlight With First Photos

    No, not me, wish it was though! This month is the birthday of Clyde Tombagh who discovered planet Pluto. To mark the occasion some absolutely amazing photos have been taken by Nasa's New Horizons at a staggering 125 million miles away! New Horizons is closing in on the icy dwarf planet Pluto...
  4. v6cod

    Some photos for you

    Don't log onto here as much now as I found I wasn't enjoying the forum as much as I used to. But here are a few photos taken while I have been away in case you missed them.
  5. Sunny Seasider

    TLF Meet in Yalikavak- Photos.

    Well here they are, it's for you now to guess Who is Who?
  6. U

    Photos of Yalikavak

    Hi all Forget the big(m) moving in ,the new boats in town what I want is photos of the beautiful place called yalikavak what's new ,bars / restaurants what's not changed what has . Souls welcome some photos of the village in full flow please enjoy the summer everybody not there myself till...
  7. JBK44

    Any photos of datca

    Anyone have any recent photo's of Datca they would share? Missing the place but not able to travel at mo. Thanks in advanced.
  8. S

    Photos from your town

  9. O

    test eding photos ?

  10. Jaycey

    The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

    The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s
  11. RedBloodedHound

    Posting photos

    Answers in Engish please. When trying to load jpgs to TLFs photo album I get the following message.: "(): Sorry, this image type is not supported yet." Any ideas why?
  12. niyaz

    Almost new contents for sale in Dalaman

    Hi, I am coming to Dalaman at the end of April 2014 for one week. All the contents I have in the villa which you could say almost new and good condition are for sale. From gents bicycle to almost anything you can think of. Here are few photos to give some idea. Thanks for looking.
  13. U

    Photos & villas

    Hi all missing being in yalikavak this year ,could do with some photos to cheer me up,also I am looking for a villa to rent next year August time near town if possible . Thank you everybody loving the threads and looking forward to some wonderful pictures
  14. B

    Dambusters photos collected.

    BBC News - Dambusters: 'Lost' faces of the squadron revealed A great effort by somebody to put together this gallery of pictures of these brave bomber crews. Bill.
  15. v6cod

    Just a few photos from our trip to Cappadocia

    Sunset over Beyşehir gölü Sunrise over Beyşehir gölü The entrance to Eşrefoğlu Mosque in Beyşehir, this was one of the highlights of our trip. It is an absolutley stunning example of a flat roofed 12th Century Mosque with its original cedar wood pillars and original carvings well worth a...
  16. yalimart

    Old photos and other stuff from Turkey

    Thought I would start a thread where people could post Photos of there area in Turkey from before the year 2000 The first ones are of Gumusluk bay, where probably not so much has changed compared with other coastal villages in the area Anyway lets have your old photos, if you are not sure how...
  17. J

    Share photos and experıences

    hı My neck of the woods ıs a very large area and ı know ı stıll have lots of places to explore. I thought ıt would be nıce ıf you have vısıted thıs area yo cold share your photos and experıences wıth us all
  18. kaplumba

    More photos of the walks on the Datca peninsula

    Ba?larözü?nden Palamutbükü?ne Trekking | Datça Trekking Looking forward to a few of these walks soon.
  19. Jaycey

    Shocking photos

    This pic really brought it home to me ...
  20. A

    FBI questions man for taking a photo of a cloud

    If you’re corresponding with known terrorists and attempting to overthrow the US government, it’s safe to expect a knock on your door from the FBI. But what if you just happen to think that storm clouds look really, really cool? Michael Galindo, 26, learned the hard way that anything and...
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