1. bickern

    Photographs capture the devastating 1996 IRA bomb in Manchester city centre

    Harrowing and emotive photographs capturing the aftermath of the 1996 IRA bomb in Manchester have been released for the first time. The archived images show the shocking extent of the destruction caused by the bomb, which devastated the city center and showered shoppers with masonry and glass...
  2. abba

    Old Photographs of Bodrum town

    From todays Turkish Daily News. this link has 50 old photographs of Bodrum. Unfortunately captions are not provided for all of them. Hürriyet Daily News | PHOTO
  3. J

    Photographs Needed

    I am writing a blog/website about the bodrum peninsula and I would love to feature photographs taken by either residents of the area or tourists. If you have any photos you are proud of and would like them to be shown please send them to [e-mail address removed] (if you could please include a...
  4. G

    School Photographs

    Find an old school photograph of yourself online SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS This is brilliant I couldn't believe it, check it out. This Website is amazing. They actually have photographs of almost every School in the World. Unless you went to School when cameras weren't invented, you will find a...
  5. giglets

    Hiroshima photographs just released

    Puting aside the rights and wrongs of this action, these new images really convey the awful reality of a nuclear attack. Let's hope that we never have to witnesses the same ever again in our lifetimes. BBC News - Hiroshima atomic bomb photos go on show
  6. P

    Photographs wanted - my builders

    If anyone has photographs of Naci and Canert Caglayan my builders would you send them to me by e mail please. I have a photograph of Medini. He can also be on with the other two builders of all the same surname Caglayan.
  7. M

    Some Recent Photographs July 2009

    Some recent Photographs from Pearl Rock Retreat -
  8. McDHibs

    Old Photographs

    Hello As promised in the "judging people" thread here is a picture of me taken about 1992 my band was called Semi Konshis. There is a more up to date picture of me in my gallery. So guantlet thrown down bring out the old pics folks ( I might have recieved more than 3 votes in the totty pole...
  9. lartiste22

    photographs of HILLSIDE

  10. F

    Tapu - photographs

    Can I just check if photographs are needed on the top rh corner of the tapu please. We have heard that if Turkish Lawyer has power of attorney, then photographs are not needed on the tapu. Is this correct please?
  11. M

    Tapu Photographs

    Have been reading some old threads about this. Is there any news as to whether the tapu needs photographs? I assume that if this is optional, there is no reason why we cannot be smiling (unlike the passport jobbies). Our developer says that we can give him the photographs and he will stick...
  12. T

    Photographs on Tapu

    Hi I have just asked our Builder about our Tapu as the one faxed to us here (copy) does not have the amount or our photograhs on it which we thought it would, (he has power of attorney)he has just sent us a higher resoluton copy which looks like it says 17,000 ytl which he says is normal...
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