1. V

    2021 Stock android phones sold in Turkey?

    Hi there, So I went to MediaMarkt and did see a bunch of android phones. However, Huawei doesn't have any pre-installed Google software, which I won't consider. Xiaomi, Samsung, and some phones of Oppo, Realme, have their proprietary UI which is heavily modified from the stock android UI...
  2. juco

    Phones UK

    Times have moved on:
  3. Jaycey

    Mobile phones for the hearing impaired.

    My friend (yes, my friend! :) ) is partially deaf and has a problem using a regular mobile phone. Does anyone perhaps know of a reasonably priced phone suitable for the hearing impaired?
  4. teosgirl

    Mobile phones UK

    Hi, I'm looking for opinions regarding the best ( most affordable/value for money) mobile phone companies in the UK. I'm considering my options for when I return to the UK later this summer and can't decide whether to get a mobile phone on a monthly subscription package, or keep my Turkish...
  5. H

    Dual sim phones - UK and Turkish sim card

    Has anybody tried using a dual sim phone in Turkey with a UK and Turkish sim card?
  6. Mushtaq

    Android phones leaking your data?

    A a weird thing happened today that has made me worried about security on my Samsung android phone. Yesterday I created a new email account on a private server (not hotmail etc) to test something out, it's totally new account no one knows about. Today I sent a test message to this account from...
  7. Jaycey

    Smart Phones and Language Translation

    Me again my geeky friends. Here in Zap nobody speaks English and my Russian is rudimentary. Just the other day I couldn’t find eggs in our supermarket and I was reduced to flapping my arms, making chicken noises and pointing to my ass. I got the eggs and a round of applause from staff and...
  8. Philogic

    Mobile Phones Yet Again!

    Hi all, I have been having a conversation [by email] with the editor of the KalkanTurkish Local News who insists that you must be a resident [with Ikamet book] to be able to register a mobile phone in Turkey. I did register my old phone about 2 years ago but does anyone know if the law has...
  9. S

    Mobile phones, dongles and all things Internet

    I am looking for advice please, having now actually made the move to Turkey last Saturday, hurrah, at long last! I have been to the Turkcell shop and purchased a dongle, and a small cheap mobile to be able to call the UK I also have an iPhone and an ipad, do I need to register these anywhere? I...
  10. D

    Import rules for UK mobile phones

    Is anyone able to help me? My friend, has a residency permit. She bought her iphone in the UK and imported it into Turkey, it was registered with the correct authorities and she paid tax on it. Unfortunately she was burgled and her phone was taken. She has all the paperwork from the police...
  11. gally

    Cheap mobile phones

    Hi, Does anybody in the Side area know where I can pick up a cheap TURKISH mobile phone? Just a basic, maybe end of line, not worried about internet, under 100TL ??? Already got 2 sim cards but now both phones broken. Thanks
  12. eshek

  13. TNT123

    Mobile Phones

    :3:Hi all again.There are many questions I would love to ask but one I would like to know is can we use our Mobile Phones in Alanya :ie use a Turkish Sim Card as we have expensive phones and have seen the price of our phones in Alanya.
  14. christella

    unlocked android phones seems a bargain

    Wholesale Android Phone - GPS Android Cell Phone From China
  15. Yalides

    Turks and mobile phones

    Having a bored moment at the pool today I was stood just looking up the road aimlessly when a young on a moped came down the hill obviously texting, hit the kerb, bike and lad in a big tangle. Lad gets up and the first thing he does is picks up his phone and carries on where he left off then...
  16. J

    New tax on radios in mobile phones

    Does anyone know anything about a new tax on the radio in your mobile phone, or laptop? My husband received a text telling him he was registered for this tax and they had automatically deducted it from his balance. It was only 1.21TL, but how often do they require this, how much will it be next...
  17. S

    UK Mobile Quad Band Phones

    Hi everyone have recently returned from an unintentional long stay in the UK. We purchased a Dual Band mobile phone from ebay via China which should have alledgedly worked in Turkey - the english sim card works but not the turkish anyone got any advice please as to whether these dual, tri and...
  18. T

    Turkish Mobile Phones

    I would like to purchase a pay as you go second hand Turkish mobile phone to use when I am in Turkey, I have an apartment in Tosmur, can anyone give me any ideas where is the best place(s) to buy one. I would like one with some credit on it so I can use it straight away. I am not sure which is...
  19. L

    Cell phones in Turkey

    Hey Guys! I am new in the forum....and need some guidance. I am going to Turkey for 10 days on next 28th mainly for business. Does anyone knows how do I get a cell phone in Istanbul? I need to make local calls, receive and make calls to Brazil, my hometown... :thanks: Ludmila
  20. gerald

    Skype on Android phones

    If you have one of these then Skype have just released a version for phones with Android OS 2.1 or later. Also remember that if you are adding credit to your Skype account then go via a cashback site for around 25% cashback. YouTube - Skype for Android phones Skype is not available in the...
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