1. V

    Does Aras Kargo Not deliver on Saturdays? When to expect my package?

    Hi there, so my phone got Robbed and stolen in Kepez Antalya on February 4. I bought a new General Mobile phone for 4500 TL but am extremely afraid to take it out when I ride buses or walk on the streets in public because I'm afraid of prying eyes to target and rob/steal my phone. I already...
  2. G

    Phone question & Vodafone UK charging £6 per day

    :hmm:Please Can anyone tell me wheather I should get contract or pay monthly sim for my phone and which one to get and how much should I look at paying.
  3. K

    Registered my imei - now my phone isn’t working

    Hi all, I bought a Turkish simcard last Friday, put it in my phone, it didn’t work. Turns out my phone wasn’t unlocked. Got it unlocked, put my Turkish simcard in, worked! Fab! Get the “you have 120” days message, yep no problem. Registered my phones imei the next day and paid the tax office...
  4. G

    UK phone No for Deniz Bank?

    Hi Does anyone know if I can use a uk mob Phone No for internet banking with Deniz bank? My turkish mob phone has been blocked by Turkcell, and they say I need to go to a turkcell shop to have it re-instated. I'm not sure if Deniz bank will change to uk no via a phone call from me. Any info...
  5. S

    Buying PAYG mobile phone in Turkey?

    Simple question I have been asked but don’t know current situation- to buy a new Payg mobile phone in Turkey do you need residency?
  6. K

    Turkish phone help

    I have had a turkish phone for years, due to personal reasons i left Turkey in January, i have not used phone since then. I am returning to turkey soon to tie up loose ends. I understand my sim card will no longer work (pay as you go) will i be able to top it up to work or will i now have to buy...
  7. L

    Mobile phone

    Anyone know where I can buy a bog standard not all singing and dancing mobile phone in Altinkum/Didm.
  8. G

    uk phone not working for calls or texts

    Hi My turkish phone packed in, and while I was waiting for my new phone registration, I popped the sim card into my uk phone, all worked fine till my next visit when my uk phone with uk sim wont allow outgoing calls or text, is this permanent? can I have it reversed? Your help appreciated.
  9. C

    Shipping Samsung phone to Turkey

    A friend is buying one in his own country to ship it to my address here - will it get held up in customs, or will I have to pay extra? Thanks in advance!
  10. bickern

    Phone Registration now 1500 TL

    The registration fee implemented on personal mobile phones purchased abroad by individuals to bring to Turkey increased three-fold to 1500 Turkish liras ($266) with a new presidential decree published Friday in the Official Gazette. The new implementation will start as of Saturday, according to...
  11. Camden

    Phone Zombies

    Living in London this really is a problem with many people with their noses stuck in their smartphone. I have also seen many times when living in Istanbul ... So thought this was a city problem .... seems its not , as seen in Turkey........... A shepherd was killed by the train while...
  12. S

    New mobile phone registration help?

    Hi all, i've just seen on another site that all mobile phones have to be re-registered with residency permit/kimlik number. We are in the UK now but still keep one of our Turkish mobiles 'open' to use whilst there, we have an old residency permit with the 99 number on but we don't get messages...
  13. V

    Hsbc phone number

    Does anyone know the non premium rate phone number for HSBC. I need to phone them to get access to my internet banking again following their upgrades. I can only see a 0850 number, which I believe is premium rate & could cost a lot to phone from the UK
  14. Graham7

    Have to phone to et back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English

    Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English ?? Thanks.
  15. Jaycey

    Stork incurs hefty phone bill

    The tracker, which was put on the stork last year, showed that he covered a distance of over 6,000 kilometres since flying out of the central eastern Polish town of Siedlce. The bird settled in the Blue Nile Valley in Sudan in February before he, and the tracker, were reported missing...
  16. G

    Registering a new uk phone in Turkey

    Hi I have been using a uk samsung phone registered to me in turkey for the last 3 years with turkish sim, my new uk smartphone is cabable of using 2 sim cards simultaneously, can I have this one registered to me instead to use when in turkey, and what does it cost? (to save carrying 2 phones)
  17. T

    Phone Jack

    Does anyone know if you can buy a Turkish 3 pin phone jack that you can plug an English phone line into? On Amazon the do Turkish to USA but not seen any adaptors to English Thanks
  18. A

    UK phone Turkish sim

    Hello. If I take out a contract in UK for mobile can I use a Turkish sim in the phone when in Turkey?
  19. IbrahimAbi

    Smart Phone

    As someone who does not have a Smart Phone, and has no notion of getting one, I found this article interesting. So the content on your mobile phone is more interesting than me It really saddens me to see mothers collect their child from school at the end of the day, walk out with the child...
  20. suzyq

    Imported phone tax increase

    The tax stamp in Turkey has been hiked on mobile phone production and imports for allocation to the state broadcaster, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), with 4 percent added to the existing 6 percent tax stamp fee. The decision comes as part of an attempt to overcome a 47...
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