1. Yalides

    Happy birthday Phil Johns

    Have a great day Phil and best wishes to Sue as well.
  2. Mojive

    Phil Johns Happy Birthday :)

    Happy Birthday Phil hope you have a great day :party: :pressie: Mo xx
  3. L

    Thank You Phil & Sue of Paws Pet Transportation!

    Huge thanks to Phil & Sue for looking after our Turkish Cocker Spaniel, Karli, and transporting her safely and happily across Europe to the UK. After weeks of trying to sort out how to get her to London, including being quoted €146 by Turkish Airlines (which then escalated to €1600 by the time...
  4. Mojive

    Phil Hughes Australian batsman dies

    Very Sad News BBC Sport - Phillip Hughes: Australian batsman dies, aged 25 Mo xx
  5. Yalides

    Happy birthday Phil Johns

    Have a great day Phil wherever you may be in the world at the moment.
  6. Mojive

    Phil Everly dies Age 74

    Sad News.... Everly Brothers singer Phil Everly dies aged 74 in Los Angeles after battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Mail Online Mo xx
  7. Yalides

    Happy birthday Phil

    Have a great day Phil and best wishes to Sue as well from Des and Diane.
  8. B

    Turquise Calling Diane and Phil

    Does anyone know if Diane and Phil have been back or are coming back this year? They told me they planned to be back for the whole summer but I have been back for the past couple of months but seen neither. I know a family thing came up last year so perhaps that is still a issue? Any sightings...
  9. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Phil Johns(Paws Kennels)

    Happy Birthday Phil have a good day and best wishes for today!:pressie: Mo xx
  10. ZiaCa'

    Happy Birthday Phil (flowerpotman)

    Hope you are having a fab day!
  11. carolk

    Beckie and Taffy on 'This Morning' with Phil and Fern, re - Tapu Scandal

    I received this today, maybe people would like to email 'This Morning'. Hi Ya'll We have been speaking with Beckie, this last few days, and as you are probably aware Beckie and Taffy have been invited on to the t.v. show "this morning" with Phil & Fern - to discuss the Turkey Tapu Scandal...
  12. E

    Met this Phil Robinson guy last week.

    Hey guys, I met this Phil Robinson guy the other week, hes now back in the uk! Hes still with his wife jackie, i know wot you mean about the laugh!
  13. Phil Johns

    No-Nem - Phil Robinson - Gone!!!!

    Here go's I had to wait for some permissions to come in, to make this announcement. !They Have done a bunk!. After myself and several others whom have had to speak to him over recent weeks because of our business's, Could not get hold of him for many days. I asked someone to call around to...
  14. H

    Phil from No Nem

    Hi phil I have sent you a couple of emails and had no reply. Can you please read them and reply before you start the work on Monday. thanks
  15. no-nem

    Phil Mitchell-clone.

    Last week, my guys were working on a house on a particular site (which will remain anonymous, but very much British owned) and I took half an hour to go and check how they were doing. I had to walk right to virtually the last house. on my way through, I kept seeing Phil Mitchell (Eastenders)...
  16. Harem

    Happy Birthday to Phil 48

    Happy Birthday Phil - you'll have to change your sign in name now that you are 49!!
  17. P

    Hello From Phil and Karen

    Hello to everyone on the Forum. I am Phil and my wife is Karen. We have 2 children - Calum and Ella and are in the process of buying an apartment with some friends of ours in Gumusluk - Turkey. We have been told it will complete in April but no doubt that timescale will slip a little! We have...
  18. C

    Phil Collins Farewell tour

    ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News British singer Phil Collins continues his Final Farewell Tour, running since 2004, with a concert at Istanbul's Abdi İpekçi Arena on Nov. 3, 2005. Phil Collins is a music legend; his Final Farewell Tour will be a night of classic hits as well as songs from...
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