1. S

    3 phase supply

    Just a quick query If you plugged a normal appliance into a 3 phase supply would it still work or burn out the appliance? Thanks
  2. A

    2bed 2bath duplex phase 1 for sale

    Hi I have a fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath duplex to sell in phase 1 block 8. Horizon Sky's website says 1 beds are from £98,000. I am will do sell my 2 bed for less. I have the Tapu. Contact me Thanks
  3. christella

    phase 1 olive gardens Akbuk

    this is an email I had today
  4. T

    summer breeze phase 1

    Hi, we have just bought on Phase 1 in Akbuk, is there anything I should be aware of? we bought from oracle and I feel comfortable with that and I understand this phase is 4 years old now? i have seen that the maintenance fee apparently increases dramatically after the first year? is that...
  5. D

    Phase 1 duplex for sale 2 bed / 2 bath FOR SALE in Bay of Gulluk

    Hi, we have a phase 1 duplex for sale. Block 2 end terrace overlooking phase 1 pool. Breathtaking views. Furniture pack included. Immaculate! Let me know if you want more info. Open to offers. Thanks Mike
  6. Z

    Purchased Property on Phase 2

    Has anyone reading this purchased or agreed to buy property on the "present" construction project Phase 2. As i'm not sure the 50 plus people who have are aware that the apartment layouts for Phase 2 are totally different to the ones they where shown around and exist on Phase 1. The 3 bedroomed...
  7. A

    2 Bed apartment for sale Zeytindali Phase 3

    Hi all, it's with regret that we have put our apartment up for sale. It is a ground floor, poolside, 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished with air-con throughout. Asking price is £38,000 ono. If anyone has any friends or family who are looking to buy in the area please PM me for details and...
  8. D

    Help - Aegean Heights Altinkum Phase 2

    hello, My mother in law purchased an apartment in phase 2. Due to the building problems she was offered a full refund in September 2008. Despite many attempts to get this refund nothing has been repaid and the developer is basically giving her the cold shoulder. Her financial situation has...
  9. christella

    penthouse at olive gardens g8 phase 1(akbuk)

    This is for sale for 89,000 pounds complete with tapu and hab cert and all the furniture well everything you can see
  10. D

    flamingo country club phase 2

    hi all i would love to speak with anyone with property on this complex to ask some questions all help would be greatly appreciated as i am new to all this thanks
  11. J

    Aegean Heights phase 4

    Hi does anyone know anything about Aegean Heights phase 4 ???
  12. M

    Phase 2 completion

    Hiya all, I am nearing the completion stage for a 1 bed in Phase 2. I am also trying to finalise morgage with BNP via a mortgage broker. I have been offered a mortage contract but the lender will not open a Bank account for me and I have do this seprately. Has anyone done this remotely from...
  13. D

    aegean heights phase 3 members

    I hear there are a lot of problems regarding Tapu's electricity bills, builder not keeping to his contract.We have bought on phase 3 and would like to hear from other buyers to see if we can try to solve these issues collectively.:23:
  14. D

    completion phase 2

    HI All Am being asked to complete by signature is anyone else in similar situation and if so what has happened re snagging, monies etc. Would be useful to get some feedback regards
  15. G

    horizon sky. phase II

    hi every 1... dose any 1 no of any futher delays as some mem have said about, did not no of another delays in faze II. :3:
  16. L

    UFUK Hillside Phase 2 People

    Hi Anyone out there who has switched from Phase 2 to Phase 1 and is still on Phase 2 terms like us with the final deadline looming, 30 August 2009. Can you PM me, just had the final breakdown of fees and there a few additional items that we have not agreed in the original contract...
  17. KKOB

    Help - 3 Phase For Dummies

    Anyone care to give a BRIEF description of how, even why, 3 Phase electricity works? We've got a 3 Phase supply and sometimes find that we've only got power to half the house. Now, I know that we have 3 phase because of our water pump but can't understand why, when the village is blacked-out...
  18. N

    Is the phase one site now full functioning?

    Hi we are holidaying on bodrum peninsula in mid June and thought we may spend tail end of holiday in akbuk to see the site and consider our options as we are phase twoers. Was wondering whether the site is yet or will by June be, a place where one can enjoy the facilities as one would on a...
  19. P

    Phase 2 now what?

    Greetings all I thought it was important to start a thread specifically for those who have not currently moved into phase 2. Since it is clear from the current forum that this is developing and communication is getting lost or complex. This will keep some of the specific items relating to...
  20. W

    Phase 1 visit

    Hello All, I have just returned from Akbuk on Friday after visiting the site, all the flights and hotel all inclusive were paid for by the developer Mr Ufuk, we stayed in the Caprice Palace just up the road from the site. After speaking to Erhan we have now moved from Artemis B6 to Kronos A5...
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