1. leylaasena

    Peyda Apartments

    Has anyone stayed here or does anyone own here? How are the management committee ? Is it well run? Does it get very noisy? I've got friends thinking of buying a top floor apt there. Thanks.
  2. S

    Peyda Aqua

    A warning to those who are going to the Peyda Aqua this summer, we booked a holiday with On The Beach ( Med Hotels ) to the Peyda Aqua, for 5 days we had no hot water, the stairwell was not lit and the ant population of Altinkum lived on the same floor as us, " teknik " guy came on the second...
  3. J

    Peyda Aqua

    I have now found out that these apartments are in Altinkum not kusadasi as i originally thought. So any views on these would be great!
  4. J

    Peyda aqua

    Any information on this complex would be appreciated. We are looking at a two bedroom apartment,.
  5. P

    Advise please - Peyda Aqua Apartments, Altinkum

    Any advise please on buying in complex Peyda Aqua apartments. Just looking for a small holiday apartment for myself and freinds.. Have read mixed views on these apartments.. Any advise would be of help.. Regards :)
  6. I

    peyda aqua apartments

    hi was wondering if anyone knows about the peyda aqua apartments ? and how far away they are from dolphin square, beach etc etc. we fly out on the 17th june from glasgow :D am counting the days now!! thanks karen
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