1. A

    is anyone travelling from Turkey to the Uk soon? I need a companion to be able to bring my dog

    Hi folks, I need your help! My situation is that, I was working in turkey for two years during covid, I adopted the cutest dog ever. I got a job in the Uk and I discussed with them to start later but they wanted me to start as soon as possible. As you know for bringing pets to the Uk, they...
  2. Jaycey

    Pegasus : Pets on plane.

    We’ve booked our Pegasus flights to Turkey for my wife, myself & bonsai poodle Mitzi for next weekend. Mitzi has her passport up to date with rabies & vet health certificate but we are now told that she also needs a rabies test certificate from 3 months prior. 1. 3 months & we’re leaving in 7...
  3. Marirabbit

    A cheaper way to bringing your pets to Turkey

    Hi, I'd like to get peoples views on bringing pets into Turkey using Turkish Airlines. We are moving permanently to Bodrum in October so over the last couple of months have been searching for a way to transport over our two cocker spaniels. I've spoken to several airlines who told me that they...
  4. L

    Thank You Phil & Sue of Paws Pet Transportation!

    Huge thanks to Phil & Sue for looking after our Turkish Cocker Spaniel, Karli, and transporting her safely and happily across Europe to the UK. After weeks of trying to sort out how to get her to London, including being quoted €146 by Turkish Airlines (which then escalated to €1600 by the time...
  5. beyazbayan

    Kurban and pets

    Please keep your pets in the house during the festival for their own safety.
  6. bickern

    Why is the RSPCA killing so many pets.

    I have thought for a long time the RSPCA is not about saving animals, they are routinely destroying unwanted animals if the can't be homed in a timely fashion. I know the Daily Mail is always out for the sensation but I do believe a lot that is in this article...
  7. Dreamy

    Renting a flat with pets?

    I have heard that it sometimes is a little difficult to rent a home in Turkey if you are a foreigner? If so - what is your experience? I am thinking back and forth about renting or buying.. but think that maybe renting would be the best in the first place, to see how it feels. But, the...
  8. G

    Importing/Exporting pets Ireland to Turkey

    Hi all, Have noticed in the past that there was no direct contact for someone to get pets from Dublin or Ireland as all threads related to UK regulations. Doubt there is a huge difference but it is good to have a direct local contact. I personally have not dealt with this company but they have...
  9. S

    Pets to UK any suggested routes and hotels

    Hi Wondering if anybody could help wanted to take 2 dogs 1 cat back to the UK. Will be driving back as I am also taking some personal stuff with me. Can anybody suggest the best route back (heard Serbia is not too good for traveling) and if anyone knows of any hotel or places that we can...
  10. S

    Pets - Bringing one from the UK

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has brought their pets from the EU or the UK? I have a dog I would like to bring with me. We're getting her a PET passport this week but I haven't been able to figure out if this is enough to bring it into Turkey.
  11. J

    Certificate for pets to travel

    Can anyone tell me if a vet gives a government certificate for pets to leave turkey, or do you get it from somewhere else? Thanks
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Do you buy your Pets a present at Christmas?

    This year Monty's pile is higher than mine :3: I've bought him a new Luxury dog brush, a soft cow with dangly legs that squeaks, and an arrary of treats. Our friends also treat Monty and he has bags of Tripe Sticks, Rodeos etc; etc; I would buy him a coat, but he has a wax jacket under the...
  13. Phil Johns

    Microchip Warning Pets Leaving Turkey

    How to take your pet out of Turkey has been fully covered on the forum, microchip, vaccination, blood test and export certificate. We want to draw attention to a recent event on collection of a pet from Didim. The vet on Ataturk Blvd, near the roundabout with a very large shop front and...
  14. R

    Returning to Uk with pets

    I have been reading all the posts about returning to UK with dogs,cats etc so i would like to relate a little story that happened to me,about 5 years ago i moved to Turkey to live my wife kept the kids and i got the parrot, an African Grey named Jocky we lived here quite happily for a few years...
  15. karennray

    Pets flying on Turkish airlines.

    I am thinking of bring my pet yorkie to Bodrum via Turkish airlines, they say that if it is under 6kgs(including box) and the box is a set size that the pet can travel in the plane with us. I was wondering if anybody has done this, and if so could they please PM me and tell me about what it was...
  16. Yalides

    Exotic pets.

    Anyone keep an Anaconda or Rhinoceros at home ? Ever had or still got an exotic pet ?
  17. J

    Sitesi Laws Regarding Pets

    Can anyone enlighten me on the laws about having dogs on a sitesi.I have a copy of the sitesi laws but only the part about what the management should do ect,i have nothing regarding owners rights.We live on a small complex and we have one turkish couple who dont own the property they live in...
  18. tallulah

    What Pets write in their Diaries...

    Excerpts from a Dog's Diary...... 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! 12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing! 1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My...
  19. L

    Pets in Izmir?

    Hello everyone, this might sound like an odd request. But my man just bought me a siamese kitten for my birthday, Barsik is very little and only eight weeks old, he is so good and well mannered, he is extremely social, more then I have ever seen in such A young kitten, I am looking for maybe...
  20. S

    Always feed your pets!!!

    Serves him right!!! Indonesian man eaten by pet dogs after starving them |
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