1. R

    Petrol Station

    Hello People, Has anyone any further information on when and if the petrol station in Akbuk is ever likely to re-open?? :thanks:
  2. H

    Price of petrol & diesel (September '15)

    Can anyone tell me the cost of a litre of petrol and diesel at the moment in Turkey please.
  3. christella

    petrol prices

    what are the prices in turkey now below is the latest prices portsmoth way they keep coming down Cheapest stations within 5 miles of xxxxxfor Diesel 105.7p Asda Havant Willowdene Close, Bedhampton, Havant, PO9 3QP Asda, 1.61 miles away, last updated on 2 September 105.7p Asda...
  4. suzyq

    Petrol Price Going Up

    The price of gasoline in Turkey will rise by TL 0.11 per liter as of midnight on Wednesday, reaching TL 4.68 per liter. According to the Doğan news agency, the price of unleaded gasoline will be TL 4.50 in İstanbul, rising from TL 4.39, reach TL 4.53 in Ankara and TL 4.52 in İzmir. The most...
  5. R

    Any Gear . Petrol Heads

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Would like to get a "cheap" second car. Something that has the most smiles per gallon. From the US so most of these cars are not available in the states and I have no experience with them.
  6. christella

    price of petrol

    getting cheaper by the day 118.7p Asda Havant Willowdene Close, Bedhampton, Havant, PO9 3QP Asda, 1.61 miles away, last updated on 14 December 118.7p Asda Waterlooville Automat Maurepass Way, Waterlooville, PO7 7XR Asda, 2.09 miles away, last updated on 13 December 118.9p...
  7. suzyq

    Petrol prices still high

    November 28, 2014, Friday/ 18:37:53/ TODAY'S ZAMAN / ISTANBUL The recent plunge in global oil prices from $115 per barrel to $71.25 in only five months has led to worries over the proportion taxes make up of Turkish gas prices, which have only dropped 11 percent in the same period. In June...
  8. A

    Petrol Stations

    Yesterday İ counted 51 petrol stations between Antalya airport and Side - that.s approxımately one every minute of driving!! Does anyone know anywhere else in the world where there are so many? :wacko:
  9. mollag

    Petrol costs

    Im a tad fedupski due to the inclement weather so for no good reason I checked petrol prices on the Isle of Man, in Tl it works out at 4.72 per litre, it has reduced lately! is that about on a par with here?
  10. Firefox

    Petrol from Air

    May be a British company has found the Holly Grail at last and discovered a solution to Worlds Energy Criss. I wonder if there...
  11. S

    petrol v diesel ££

    hi, can somone tell me whats the difference price wise betteen petrol and diesel, hireing a car, and the diesel opt is a fiver a day more, should i go for it ?, thanks
  12. teosgirl

    Turkey - 2nd most expensive petrol in the world?

    Fuel prices: A never healing wound for Turks According to this article it is. For the third time this month the petrol prices have increased, making Turkey the second most expensive place in the world to buy petrol - at 9.50 dollars a gallon. Time to purchase a bike perhaps?... Charlotte
  13. P

    petrol strimmer nightmare!

    I am cooling off after over an hour of trying to work a petrol strimmer. Let me start to by stating that petrol strimmers were built for people over 6 feet tall - I am 5' 2 (on a good day) and the thing is too long - I end up ploughing not strimming. That would be if and when I got it started in...
  14. G

    Cost of Petrol in Turkey is the 2nd highest in the world.

    Interesting comparison below for the cost of a litre of petrol from around the world. Norway has the highest cost at £1.64 followed by Turkey at £1.62 Think our petrol costs a lot? Well it could be worse, you could be in Norway - Yahoo! Finance UK For comparison, the cheapest place to buy...
  15. guzzigeezer

    UK Elddis 300 A Class - 2.0 Petrol + LPG for Sale in Turkey

    After much soul searching, I've decided to put my trusty home for the last 8 months up for sale. Photos of the camper are on this link. please pm me for link as this website will not let me post links At the moment she is in Kas, Turkey but I shall be heading back to the UK at the end of April...
  16. pineapple1

    Woman Burns Storing Petrol !!!

    Woman Badly Burned Trying To Store Petrol - Yahoo! News UK In my opinion theres no need for this .. Diane
  17. Yalides

    Petrol stations in Turkey

    A word of warning. We discovered on our latest trip that if you don,t get a receipt for your fuel, which you are supposed to get, then you are going to get ripped off as in the price you pay will not be the advertised one but a higher one and the Attendant will pocket the difference. Got caught...
  18. Harem

    Petrol generator for sale

    Get ready for those winter power cuts!! Petrol/mains generator 2 Kw for sale 300 TL. Fethiye area
  19. Mushtaq

    Man drives burning tanker from petrol station

    A driver in Turkey has been hailed as a hero after leaping into action when a fuel tanker he was unloading caught fire at a petrol station. This CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment flames shoot up out of the top of the tanker and everyone runs away. Everyone except Koçak, that is...
  20. M

    Petrol prices

    Filled up today,petrol now 4.18 per litre. Not good. Mark
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