1. M

    Pet supplies

    I’m not one to promote businesses, but have found a fantastic pet shop! I was totally shocked at the price of cat food in migros, carfour etc compared to the U.K. my-pet in didim has been brilliant as my cat who I brought over with me is a pedigree British shorthair and is old and has so many...
  2. S

    UK pet passport

    Strange one I know But if your pet has a current EU UK pet passport- is that sufficient to bring the pet in/ out of Turkey and back to UK/EU?
  3. gally

    Antalya Airport - Collecting your pet on arrival

    Can anyone please advise? We have been bringing our Cavalier King Charles out every year in the cabin with Transavia Airlines but now they have stopped flying to Turkey. The other airlines that allow pets on board have a smaller cabin carrier size allowance meaning we would have to put her in...

    Pet hotel

    Can any one recommend a reasonable pet hotel between Canakkale and Izmir?
  5. A89

    Travelling with pet from Turkey to UK

    Does anyone have experience of taking a pet in the hold from Turkey to the UK? Ive been on the telephone over an hour trying to get information from THY but going round in circles and got no where really. One person said we cant take it in the cabin and another said we can if its under 8 kg. I...
  6. I

    Bringing pet cat to Turkey (through Antalya Airport)

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the forum. Moving to Antalya in a couple of weeks, I'm just wondering about bringing a pet cat into Turkey with me on our flight. I've read a lot of different things about this from various sources (airline websites, blogs, forums, etc), the latest on it on from...
  7. V

    50%off pet food

    Until 4 October there is 50% off all pet foods at Migros and their other companies including Kipa and Macrocenter. A good time to stock up for your pets and any animal shelter donations.
  8. B

    pet WITH VALID EU PET PASSPORT from Turkey to Rhodes

    Please, has anyone taken a dog or cat WITH A VALID EU PET PASSPORT (ie an animal previously brought in from an EU country to Turkey) on the ferry from either Fethiye or Marmaris to Rhodes? Other than the EU passport, did you need any papers, such as a third country certificate please? Or if...
  9. S

    Tv prog pet hate

    I have decided that amongst all the naff programmes on tv thesedays the type I detest the most are those in which cleaners go to tbe houses of filthy b******s to clean them up for them I simply don't get it. These people live like pigs and get made tv stars cos they are too dirty and filthy to...
  10. E

    50% off pet food

    The yearly discount of pet food starts this Thursday and continues until 4th October.
  11. I

    Pet Food made in Turkey

    Hi everyone, What dry food brand made in Turkey do you recommend for dogs and or for cats? thank you
  12. bickern

    Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey

    The selling of cats and dogs from pet shops will be banned across Turkey, according to a new regulation from the Forestry and Waters Affairs Ministry. The ministry has prepared a draft law on animals, animal rights and pet shops following a series of meetings with representatives of animal...
  13. T

    k9 pet house

    Hi there,would any member have the email or telephone number for the k9 pet house on the road to Marmaris please, I am unable to find them. thankyou, Tulip
  14. hijo

    Discount on pet food at Migros

    ...... 30 % discount on pet food in Migro,s ......
  15. hijo

    half price pet food..

    ...... Half price pet food in Migros until 12 October,i expect the same all over Turkey)
  16. S

    Pet hate TVs programmes

    There's some programmes I don't like, that's fair enough. But there are also some that really grind my gears even though I don't even watch them Take for example the dirty b@@@@@@s who live in their own filth- and along comes a programme that cleans up the squalor and s@@t these waste of...
  17. L

    Pet Rabies Jab/Blood Tests/pet passports

    Has anyone recently used and can also recommend a vet around the Altinkum/Akbuk area to rabies inject/obtain a passport/tape worm and retest animals ready for removing them from Turkey? I have heard of one but was a "£" quote which is always a sign of what is to come. I have also heard of...
  18. A89

    Pet sitting / dog walking.

    Do you have an important event to go to or simply wanting to get away from the heat of summer for a while but not wanting to disrupt your pets routine? Then don’t worry! Dogs, cats and other pets can be cared for in the comfort of their own home by a lady with many years experience of a wide...
  19. bickern

    Pet Interviews

    LOL Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig - YouTube
  20. paddington bear

    Half price pet food

    Migros (and probably other large supermarkets) are doing half price pet food and dog treats. Migros started today and finishes on the 12th October, I stocked up on dog and cat food to the tune of 204 tl and will be going back for more !!!! This is for world animal day which is on the 4th...
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