1. C

    Missing persons

    Did anyone see the low flying helicopter this morning passing gumusluk.Aturkish friend tells me that 10 people are still missing from a boat of migrants trying to cross to Greece,can anyone confirm this.
  2. Jaycey

    Missing members

    We’ve already got a thread Re: Kemer kid mia but it’s always sad when our cyberspace friends go AWOL (Saorse etc) Perhaps we need a ‘Missing Persons’ sticky thread to find out what’s happening. I’d like to kick off with TNT123 who hasn’t posted since April. I know he postponed his visit due to...
  3. D

    prices for turks and prices for UK persons

    RECOMMENDATION FOR "DIDIM TEKNOLOGI" The more I stay in Turkey then the more I note the discrepancies in prices. Of course the general rule in purchasing anything is let the buyer beware- however it is difficult in a foreign country where one does not know the language and the going rates for...
  4. Harem

    Missing Persons

    I know I am a bit on the slow side, but I have just realised that Anfield and Susan (of the silicone works wonders) have been missing for quite a while. Does anyone know where they have got to?
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