1. juco

    Face book personal info

    My wife recently joined facebook to get access to some info. She didnt put her full name or other info that would be recognizable, however what appeared in her profile was: Her primary school from 60 years ago. Her employment history and some other bits of info. Her sister who has a different...
  2. S

    importing personal furniture from UK

    Hi everyone I wanted to ask about bringing our furniture from UK to Antalya.We have finally bought the house and now are planning on bringing most of our furniture to Turkey, we have the removal company and the quotes but they are not sure about the taxes and charges when the items arrive here...
  3. suecheshireuk

    Moving personal items from TRNC to Fethiye area.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions most welcome. We have hit a bit of a wall regarding moving some of our stuff to Turkey. One removal firm said they won't ship it as they don't have enough customers, so it will have to go by air, which could prove expensive. Another company say's they will only do...
  4. M

    Bring furniture and personal effects from the UK

    hi, Does anyone have any experiences of bring furniture, electrical goods etc and the likes from the particular I hear that you can get charge a lot of import tax once your goods arrive from the UK
  5. S

    Importing My Personal Belongings Into Turkey

    I've had my house in Turkey for about 13 yrs now. Visiting frequently during this time... During this time we have we have modified and improved, and of cause furnished. Now my wife and I have decided to spend more time relaxing, and a slower pace of life. Want to bring over some of our...
  6. K

    Pros and Cons of importing personal goods into Turkey

    Hi everyone, I'm writing this on behalf of my parents who are in the process of moving to Turkey (I've already lived in Turkey for several years). They're at the stage now where they need to decide whether or not to ship their personal goods to Turkey- it wouldn't be much: a few pieces of small...
  7. butt007

    Advanced personal info. t. Cook

    Booked return flights for wife and myself Mar 15th Antalya to Manchester and back with T. Cook last December, you have fill in your API sometime within the last 30 days before your flight. So today I though OK will fill in our API today, went to "Manage my booking" but couldn't fill in the...
  8. D

    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
  9. M

    Anyone looking for an English personal trainer?

    I'm in Avsallar and I'm available for personal training, I specialise in weight loss and I'm also a prep coach ,just testing the water to see if anyone would be interested.
  10. A

    Hotels in Antalya. Personal experience and your advice.

    This month not long ago I came from a very spectacular trip around Antalya. I was impressed by the beauty of this region. Most of people think that Antalya it is just another place to lay on the beach and that's all. Those who think this way are definitely mistaken. Antalya is also a perfect...
  11. K

    Transporting Personal goods from Turkey to UK by road

    What paper work do you need to take your personal items including some furniture from Turkey to the UK by road.
  12. J

    Taxes on Personal Goods

    Hi, Does anyone have any information about Turkish taxes on importing personal goods? I have a residence permit and would only be shipping clothing, books, and personal items--nothing valuable, no electronics. Thank you!
  13. A

    Personal Currency Widget

    After reading about problems with the forums currency widget on another thread and noticing Mushtaq has today replaced it, I wondered if any members might like one for their own computer or device. So here's one I knocked up some time ago. To use it download the attached .txt file and save it...
  14. hayabusa

    Personal Blood testing.

    I often travel to Turkey every year and have tried my mobile Blood tests in Turkey, and they have been giving me very high reading. Then I was stalking to someone, and they said it could be due to the temperature in Turkey, so I tried to put my test machine in a polythene bag and then in a...
  15. D

    personal import of goods from the USA

    İ know there is some sort of threahold under which the customs let products in from the USA....can anyone tell me.....about this İ am aiming to bring in some brake parts for my car with a total value of 500 dollars but i can break it down into small packages with a value less than........what...
  16. H

    Importing personal belongings into Turkey need help!,,

    Hi guys need desperate help I want to send my belongings to Dalyan as am moving there what is the best and cheapest way to do this I have had ridiculous quotes and am not sure what best way is I need help xxx
  17. B

    Moving to Icemeler - transporting personal belongings.

    hi ,I,m moving to icemeler and I,m looking for the best way to get our personal items out there,about ten medium size boxes ,I was goin to ship a car out there and fill it up with stuff but the shipping company say southhampton wont accept loading the car,any help would b appreciated regards bernie
  18. John E Rose

    Help !!! - Iskan Problem (General & Personal)

    Hi I put this thread out some weeks ago and so far no replies!!!! I felt sure this was a common problem and some one on TLF would have information. So please, [please, please ........heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we...
  19. John E Rose

    Changes to Iskan's (General & Personal)

    Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we believe our builder has not paid his SSK (Worker contributions) and possible tax on our Villa Park, so would not sign the villa park off with the Belediye and so recieve the general Iskan. We have talked to the...
  20. H

    Getting fit... Personal Trainer :)

    Good afternoon everyone. I moved out to Alanya back in June. After slowly putting on weight and getting fed up of looking at the lazy reflection staring back at me i thought, now its time to do something about it,as im in a wonderful place with time on my hands. I decided to look into Fitness in...
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