1. bickern

    Easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits.

    The Directorate General of Migration Management (Goç Idaresi) have just made it easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits. They have launched a mobile app available via playstore. The app is available in 6 languages. App for Iphones is coming soon...
  2. mollag

    ST permits.

    I know no more than this sms states, i filched it from Doc Martins site[may god preserve him] I hope it is correct it will ease things somewhat for ex pats in Turkey i hope.
  3. G

    Re: Residence Permits

    Re: Residence Permits Hi folks, over the last few months I have heard that you are unable to do your application renewal online. Well, I have news for you, I did mine yesterday so it looks as though the glitch in the system has been righted. You can also pay online now which you couldn't do...
  4. A

    Anyone help please re Residency Permits

    We flew from London Gatwick to Antalya yesterday and were pulled by the Passport Control at Antalya airport and detained in an interview room for about 20 minutes. They seemed to be confused that we had both got Residency Permits but also E-Visas. Initially they said we would have to be on the...
  5. A

    Law 6458 Residence Permits translation error

    Many of us know that Article 33 paragraph (c) of LAW 6458 states: "Under the following cases a short-term residence permit shall not be granted, shall be cancelled if has been issued, and shall not be renewed when:" "[the foreigner] lived outside of Turkey for longer than one hundred and twenty...
  6. suzyq

    Work Permits for Syrians

    Turkey is to grant work permits to Syrian refugees, an official statement said Jan. 15, in a key move which could allow Syrians to build more prosperous and stable lives in the country. An announcement in Turkey’s official gazette said that work permits would be granted to refugees who have...
  7. H

    residence permits uk issue

    i heard on the grapevine that applications by uk citizens for new ikamets would be handled in future by the Turkish consulate in London with effect from 1st Jan 2016. Can anyone confirm this or is it another'rumour'
  8. beyazbayan

    Resident Permits

    Foreign Citizens Advice Centre 13 August at 17:13 · Edited · . Residence Permits Change of Circumstances please read It is imperative to inform the Directorate General Migration Management office to which you have sent your application, of any change in circumstance that occur whilst you...
  9. A

    No More Residency Permits for us

    I have decided this is all Too Much and will now be living in UK for 90 days then Turkey for 90 days year round - so much simpler and no more headaches with Residency Permit. Mike is delighted. He has been trying to persuade me to do this for over a year now. Good luck to all who still have...
  10. A

    Residency Permits in Manavgat?

    I have heard there will be a DGMM in Manavgat to do our residency permits there - does anybody know where - and when - it will open please? I know in the meantime we must go to Antalya though - which is a pain.
  11. A

    Residency Permits via Internet Soon!

    Quote from Didim Voices newspaper = A NEW era of applying for your residence permit via the Internet is about to dawn for foreigners, the head of the government department overseeing the changes has said. The comments emerged at a conference hosted yesterday (Monday May 11) by Mr Atilla Toros...
  12. D

    Any news about 'permanment' residency permits?

    İ past 8 years of full time living in Turkey last September and wonder if there is any news on the impllementation of the system for me to get a permanment next RP renewal is next March so hoping to avoid problems!
  13. suzyq

    Turkey plans to ease work permits for foreigners

    Good idea if it happens, but will it turn into another fiasco? The Turkish government is considering easing work permit requirements for foreigners with a new program that is aimed to draw more foreign investors and qualified workers to the country. Turkey has kicked-off studies to introduce...
  14. shirleyanntr

    work permits getting easier

    according to this article work permits in general have increased and more so for women. if you take a look at the type of work though its mostly domestic..there's a huge market for foreign cheap domestic labour.. getting a work permit doesn't grant anything when it comes to rights...just as in...

    Residence permits rule changes in Bodrum.

    Ok,it's all change again for some applications for Residence permits in Bodrum as of this week...... If you are renting,not only do you need to get your agreement notorized,but now you also have to show either the original or a copy of the Tapu appertaining to the building you are in & that...
  16. D

    Any more news about permament residency permits

    İt's been quite a while since İ came here and İ am wondering if there any more details about perm. residency visas for people that have been here more than 7 years or so...any ideas on pricing and introduction date ??
  17. M

    Residency permits

    My wife and I have just received our blue residency cards, we both paid the full amount for five years, when we obtained them my wife's was only for 3 years, went back into the office phoned mulga and was told because I am the tapu. holder, I can have 5 years but my wife only 3 years first time...
  18. tomc1984

    Speeding up residents permits

    We are coming out in April intending to apply for RP, does anyone know if you can start the ball rolling prior to arrival in turkey to speed up the process.

    Residents Permits 2013.

    Here is a link to details for Work Permits & Residence Permit prices for 2013.It appears that for UK citizens the only increase this year is for those needing a Blue Book,it's now 198tl. Thanks to Colin,DJ Magic for the info. WORK AND RESIDENCE PERMIT FEES FOR 2013 | ExpatGuideTurkey
  20. Q

    Northern Cyprus permits

    OK, I know Northern Cyprus isn't technically part of Turkey, but half of Turkish maps seem to show it as a Turkish province, and it remains dominated by Turkey to a degree possible for any genuinely sovereign state. And I know it's a popular tourist location for both Turks and Brits. So I...
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