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    Permanently live in Turkey-How can this be done?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. My Mum is in love with Turkey (Oludeniz,Hisaronu,Fethiye). She has been renting an apartment out there in Hisaronu and either returning to the UK after 3 months or doing the day trip to Rhodes to get her visa stamped so she can stay for another 3 months and then...
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    Staying in Turkey semi permanently?! Advise needed please!

    Hello, I would very much like to hear if anyone has some advise for us please! Myself and my partner are planning on coming over to Turkey in August by way of a semi permanent move. I am selling one business but keeping another that I can come back to the UK to work once every three months...
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    bringing car in, permanently

    having a Turkish son in law living in England I sell my car to him and register it in his name. He then drives out to Turkey and registers it on Turkish plates, it's his car. I then buy it from him. Mission accomplished!! Can anyone see any holes in this Plan?
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