1. Freedom 49

    Permanent Loving Home Needed

    This little man will be in need of a loving 'Forever Home' an another week's time He was brought into me by a young Dutch couple last Wednesday in a very pitiful state. His left eye was totally destroyed and virtually out of its socket and the other was stuck tightly closed with gunk. Off to...
  2. suzyq

    New - Permanent Work/Residence Visa

    Turkey will grant permanent work and residence permits to qualified foreigners who have to meet several criteria, including contributing to the country’s science, technology, employment and economy, a new practice published in the Official Gazette said March 14. Foreigners who meet the...
  3. niamh

    Semi permanent make up

    I noticed a salon up towards cafe dalyano (on opposite side of the road) advertising semi perm makeup. Has anyone had this done in Dalyan? I looked into this in UK but it was quite pricey (I want my eyebrows and possibly upper eyeliner done) any feedback much appreciated!
  4. bickern

    Permanent residence permit.

    As of the 1st of April 2014, those who have resided in Turkey with a residence permit uninterruptedly for at least eight years will be granted a permanent residence permit. 

 Interruption to the residency If you stay outside of Turkey for a period of more than 6 months within 1 year or more...
  5. Jaycey

    Semi permanent residents

    Question 1 We will be living 6 months of the year in Turkey and 6 months in Ukraine. Does anyone perhaps know if we will have to maintain our SGK insurance for the complete year or is there some way we can just pay for the 6 months that we are in Turkey? Question 2 I understand that a...
  6. R

    3 year work + house = permanent residency?

    Hi all, I have worked in Turkey, legally for 3 years. If I buy a property in here, can I get a permanent residence or I have to work for 5 years ( or ... )? Thanks,
  7. Lindacm

    Permanent House Swap

    As property is taking time to sell both here and in the U.K, we are wondering if there is anyone in the U.K, that would like to make a permanent house swap (with the relevant price differences taken into consideration)? We have a 4-bed detached villa with pool in a good sized plot on the fringe...
  8. S

    URGENT foster or permanent home needed

    This lovely medium sized lad is urgently looking for a home.I rescued him 2 weeks ago after being hit by a car and left in a ditch for 24hrs by his owner.His back knee joint was broken and he has had it pinned.He will need to come out of hospital very shortly and needs a foster or permanant...
  9. L

    making a permanent move to Turkey

    Hi everybody, it has been a while since I last came on here. So i'll quickly introduce my self again, Im married to a Turkish man, been together since 2003 and married since 2006. We have two children aged 4 and 7. We own a house in the UK and in Akbuk. We currently live in the UK where my...
  10. S

    Advice required regarding permanent move to Fethiye from the UK

    We have just sold our holiday apartment in Ovacik which we owned for six years. We are now looking to move to Fethiye (once we have sourced and puchased a house) and would appreciate any advice on the following points: 1. Shipping our house goods safely to Fethiye, from Northamptonshire. 2...
  11. R

    Permanent makeup.

    Have any of you good experience with someone who does permanent makeup in Marmaris, or near Marmaris? Would be happy to see some real before and afther photos, and if anyone know the cost? Im
  12. J

    Permanent move from South Africa to Datça

    Hello all - first of all - an apology - this is actually John and Jane's daughter, Louise. I have lived here in Istanbul for 16 years now. At last my mum and dad have sold up in South Africa and have made the big decision to move to Datca. Over the years we have visited there and love it...
  13. P

    getting permanent residencey in bodrum

    hi new to this forum i have a house in bitez and i am planning to move there permantley in the next year how do i go about getting permanent residence anybody in the forum been through the process
  14. C

    Permanent symbol of Izmir

    Turkish daily News Cevat Durak, the mayor or İzmir's Karşıyaka district, said a large monument similar to the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty is to be erected in İzmir, the Anatolia news agency reported. Durak said preparations were under way to construct a permanent symbol of İzmir...
  15. lorraine

    Permanent living in Akbuk

    Mushtaq, do you have or know of any properties in Akbuk resale or new not on complex for all year round living....just looking at the moment got another bee in my bonnet, not quite got round to telling Gordon yet though. If he reads this, well let it be a gentle way of telling him were buying!!!!
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