1. C


    Hello can anyone tell me where you can buy geniune perfume oil in marmaris. Not fake. Thanks
  2. L

    Bodrum Airport - Perfume Shop

    Does anybody know the name of the perfume shop in the airport, not the duty free one, please?
  3. kale


    What,s your favourite Perfume Kale yvonne :3: Mine is chanel N0 5
  4. Mushtaq

    TRAVEL perfume atomiser spray

    I bought one of these on my last trip, cost me £10 on Thomson flight, handy little thing to keep your favourite perfume/EDT when out and about. TRAVEL SIZE PERFUME ATOMIZER SPRAY £6.49 (Inc. P&P) *8 cm Long *12 grams *4 ml capacity IDEAL TRAVEL SIZE PERFUME ATOMIZER BOTTLE WITH PUMP ACTION...
  5. spitfire

    Free Britney Spears Perfume

    One for the ladies :) A free sample of Britney Spears Curious perfume can be ordered Here
  6. sandpearse

    Not wearing perfume?

    Just reading online Turkish Daily News, the article is saying that according to the website of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, that it is immoral to wear perfume outside the house. Whatever next? Really gives you something to think about...
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